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Justin Bieber Lookalike Tries To Shade Katy Perry

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1 hour ago, Tweener said:

It's sad, but she makes me hate The Veronicas. The fact that she's Lisa's girlfriend just makes me feel uncomfortable now. 

I wish love chose from time to time

I agree. I was so into The Veronicas until she appeared in their video, and now I judge them so hard for even associating with this human garbage. It makes me sad to know she's kissed this girl. :disgusted: 

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On 5/22/2017 at 6:35 AM, deflame. said:

eww why do these edgy girls like Halsey always try to come at actual good artist. Can't they go back to their feminist tumblr groups and leave us normals alone?

Right? :disgusted: Go back to your basement and keep shaving your head so you can stick hair onto your armpits, nobody wants you around here. :hottie: 

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