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  1. Some season 3 characters are named after Riverdale characters (Valerie, Melody, Cheryl, ect). I've considered writing it as a script. By the way, which episode are you on now?
  2. Season 3 is set ten years after Season 2. It's inspired by 13 Reasons Why.
  3. It has elements of Scream and Little Little Liars. However, I created the characters and storylines. I'm honestly so glad that you love it.
  4. - Pretty Little Liars - Bates Motel - Orange Is The New Black - Riverdale - American Horror Story - Slasher (TV Series) - Scream (TV Series) - Hurricane Bianca (It's a movie, but I'm suggesting it anyway) - RuPaul's Drag Race - Hush (It's also a movie, but like HB, I'm suggesting it anyway)
  5. Hey Guys. Over the past few months, I've planned and written a fanfic type story, which is set out as a TV show. The fanfic is a trilogy, meaning there are three seasons. It's a great story for horror lovers, who also like reading. It is a slasher, meaning there is a serial killer stalking and slaughtering teens. It's be really nice if you guys could maybe read it and leave feedback.. Click HERE to read The Primal Fear (Season 1) Click HERE to read The Primal Fear (Season 2) Click HERE to read The Primal Fear (Season 3)
  6. 1. I'd rather be able to play any instrument. 2. I'd rather lose the internet for a year. 3. I'd rather listen to Prism. 5. I'd rather eat mayonnaise.
  7. It's not the best, but here's my version of 'The Fame Monster' by Lady Gaga, xo
  8. I like both.. However, when PI first came out, I found myself listening to her unreleased track, 'Freakshow' more.
  9. Okay, turns out that I was wrong lol, I listened to Artpop, Aura and Venus again and I feel as if I do actually like them.
  10. Is it bad that I like J&D, but not ARTPOP, Aura or Venus?
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