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Britney Spears Replaced by Camila Cabello on Pitbull Collab

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Pitbull filmed a Miami-themed music video for his new collaboration with Camila and Balvin. Part of the shoot took place outside, and fans recorded a bit of the song, but the original would have looked and sounded entirely different.

“Funny story behind that,” Pitbull told Radio.com. “At first, it was me and Romeo Santos, Britney Spears was on the record. [The] Fast and Furious [team] ends up loving the record. And they brought on board J Balvin and Camila Cabello. So, it’s been an interesting journey. To watch it go on to become the intro to the movie — the first huge movie franchise to shoot in Cuba — is an amazing honor.” He adds the original version with Britney and Santos may be released at some point.

“You never know, there might be a remix with Romeo and Britney in the future. But it was an honor to be able to work with Britney.”

Britney, being the professional that she is, remained unbothered. “She was a great sport, she’s been in the business for years," Pitbull continued. "She said, ‘Don’t even worry about that. We’ll use it for the remix, or we’ll do another record together.'”


Not that I really want Britney to lower herself so much to lower with Pitbull, but any new track from her would be good tbh. :'( It's sad that a legend was replaced by the new girl that the music industry is pushing who no one will even remember in a year or two.

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On 3/9/2017 at 5:01 AM, lightyears said:

The single leaked if anyone's interested: http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/WF0w8AyD/file.html  

Camilla barely sings on it lol, i guess i wouldn't care that much about this song even if Britney was featured on it after all :cackle:

I guess it kind of makes sense they didn't want Britney on the song now it seems the whole thing's in Spanish... :cackle:

On 3/9/2017 at 6:29 AM, laiocferreira said:

tbh it's probably better for both of them that britney got scrapped. 

1 - I dont think it's good for britney to be featured in a pitbull song

2 - Pitbull will probably be promoing it, and we al know that britney is not about that life 

This is 2017 Britney tho, she promoed 'Make Me' like a real popstar should! <3 

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