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Lindsay Lohan Is Back!


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The actress sold over a million copies of her 2004 debut Speak back in 2004, which was headed up with her severely underrated pop anthem 'Rumors'.

But after 2005 follow-up A Little More Personal (Raw) failed to match the same kind of success, Lindsay's music career took a back seat.

Fans have waited over a decade for a potential third collection, so much so that when Alex Simpson was taken backstage at a Mean Girls screening at Pride Toronto for a surprise video chat with Lindsay, it was one of his burning questions.

"OK, so I have to record another album for Universal and Motown- and I will," Lindsay replied.

"That being said, my sister [Ali Lohan] is signed to EMI and she's recording. So out of respect to her... Her true career choice was all she wants to do is make music. And her voice is like Etta James meets Adele."

"I want to respect her in that lane, and stay in my lane working with children, creating films, and writing and directing. So as much as I want to sing every day, I don't want my sister to hate me!"

She added: "Thank you for asking about my record because I love making music and I write every day."

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan recently wrapped filming on The Shadow Within, which sees her play a private investigator with a secret werewolf past.



What kind of songs would you like to hear on Lindsay's new album?

Bop like Bossy?

Something like COABH?

Or maybe a song like "Over"?

or maybe bangers like RUMORS?


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She said she was recording a new album like two years ago as well and we never got anything, so I won't hold my breath. :morning: But if she's really writing everyday then I'm impressed.

This tho: "which sees her play a private investigator with a secret werewolf past"...Mess. :stretcher: 

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12 minutes ago, Emily Gilmore said:

Kinda shocked to hear Universal is still holding her to her contract despite everything she's gone through the past few years. For me, Over and Confessions are her masterpieces, so if she can deliver that level of quality music again, I'd be happy.

OMG! I swear I listened to all of her (2,5) albums twice. I'd love to hear more like "Over" and "COABH". I really love songs like "Black Hole" and "I Live For The Day". A Little More Personal (RAW)" is such an underrated album :(

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