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Plastic Surgery Wishlist

Matilda Mantis

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Let's talk about the work we want done!

I want:

a right brow lift so it is even to the other one

a nose job so I have a right nostril that I can breathe out of

shoulder implants so they are more square

a chin bone implant

angular cheek and temple implants

a fat relocation (inner thigh to ass)

lips injections

sweat gland removal

permanent hair removal (whole body)

mole removal on my scalp

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All I really want is a brow lift so my eyes look a little more open and alert rather than droopy and dozy all the time, and a nose job so that I can get rid of my bump. :'(

But in terms of other cosmetic procedures, I'd also really like laser eye surgery so I can see without glasses, and laser hair removal on my face. :magic:

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