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Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

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Lmao, I know what you mean! I'm pretty good in like retail stores, like I tend not to actually buy anything at all unless I have a friend there to give me their opinion and convince me into buying it. ;) But I am the WORST at online shopping, I have no self control and just buy things I don't even need because I think they're cheap. :'( I'm going broke!

You're telling me. :cypher:

Well, I guess you're not really telling me, but I'm eavesdropping.

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Just took this one (not shaved and slept 4 hours last night so yeah )

just half face cause yes 

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You know what they say about guys with big eyes ;)

Big pupils? :magic:

Meanwhile I'm sitting here with my white eyeliner spending hours looking in the mirror so I can look like an anime character. :'(

here's me in my Marry The Night BTWB shirt lol  :stretcher:

[img width=650 height=650]

xnGT0D5.jpg [img width=650 height=650] sVUvefF.jpg

sorry for being so icky  :yuck:

Omg, you look so cute! :hail: I love those chibi Gaga designs! I remember seeing them online somewhere a few years ago, and so when I saw them officially being sold at the BTWB I was so excited, lmao.

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