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  1. lol the way I just now seen this. My sign is no 🙅🏼‍♂️ Nah but fr I’m a Leo
  2. This election almost feels as messy as the 2016 one between Hillary and Donald like oop! But yeah this election could get changed, the associated press was who called the race at first but yeah now it’s all honestly confusing for me to try and explain but yeah I’m anxious for the official winner, the whole electoral college thing is kinda dumb tbh but like oh well sis lol
  3. Personally I think if it was a debate between kamala and mike pence she would’ve easily won the election but where it’s problematic trump and Biden it was almost a close call at first lol Thank lanta Biden-Harris won this 2020 election ?
  4. Hows everyone enjoying this amazing christmas album??? Xoxo
  5. It’s good, I just wish she would’ve re-recorded it instead of using the same released 2014 version
  6. Thank you glad someone thinks so haha Young Meghan was very self conscious as a child and now she loves herself as she rightfully should
  7. Are we surprised Nah but really I'm just another gay from the US lol I'm hideous though lmao but I will take this as a compliment because she's a legend! Such a bomb songwriter and she's got so much love and respect for herself which is so admirable. Plus she's queen so there's that too xx
  8. I love meghans jingles! They’re always so good and addicting Now, go sign up to vote queens ?
  9. I think she looks kinda cute! But yeah her revealing the tea boost so late better not happen lol
  10. I thought the same lol, she should’ve pushed the date more forward imo
  11. Meghan trainor has just announced her Christmas album! The title of the album will be “A Very Trainor Christmas”. The album will be releasing the day before Halloween (October 30th) and does already have a confirmed target deluxe version to the album. https://www.target.com/p/meghan-trainor-a-very-trainor-christmas-target-exclusive-cd/-/A-81202102 The album will have a mix of covers and originals and I’m so psyched! What does everyone think? ?
  12. I don’t think it’s selfish, this logic makes perfect sense, why spend hundreds of dollars over a song (this goes for legit any unreleased tbh) that won’t get sold again just to leak it for everyone, I understand maybe if it’s a group buy but still the people who buy it don’t have to leak it, especially if it’s just one person who spends that much on one song lol.
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