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  1. Just saying from what I'm hearing haha, I've heard at least 4 or 5 different people on here have Chase Your Love, but none sends or has sent snippets so its questionable
  2. Chase Your Love is spreading through the community xoxo so it will most likely leak
  3. I'm not going to be wasting my time with this I'm not going to try to convince you other wise, you can be the hater you want to be
  4. Omg a interview from 2 years ago... Now she has a song called I Love Me
  5. Omg she doesn't body shame if you're even thinking All About That Bass is body shaming ITS NOT You don't hear her obviously after the skinny bitches thing "Nah I'm just playing" And you obviously are not hearing "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top" The song is suppose to be a fun song about loving yourself and of course some how people make it a whole other thing
  6. Wow that is literally so stupid....ITS JUST A SINGER DAMN, Fucking dumb that you think Meghan Trainor fans have no self respect....
  7. You do the same to a lot of people on here anyways you deserve it
  8. Yep all these are scams...
  9. I can tell everyone right now before you get scammed CLOWN IS NOT A REAL SONG ITS A SCAM TO GET UNRELEASES!!!! Try some ah this mastered is basically rather Island Fusion's (Meghan's aunt and uncles band) song that you can find on youtube or just a distorted track with Meghans back ground vocals turned up louder.... so you can hear her vocals.... Try some ah this was never meghan's song it is her aunts and uncles I'm ashamed that a "trusted" trader on here is scamming I wanna be with you could be a real track but as far as the others go they are not.... BTW the bebe rexha one was leaked
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