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  1. BITCH

    Share your favourite Non-English songs!

    Basically anything from her album Chaleur Humaine
  2. BITCH

    Allie X Megapost

    She debuted it at her show in LA. At the troubadour I think
  3. BITCH

    Popstars of PHF

    Yas I'm the legendary grimes
  4. BITCH

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    thanks bby
  5. BITCH

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    me N sky
  6. BITCH

    The Shade Thread

    Clearly you do since you're so defensive over it. Call me a sanctimonious twat but thats my charm!
  7. BITCH

    The Shade Thread

    using xoxo at the end of every post doesn't make you shady. Gays please learn to read
  8. BITCH

    Six of the Most Shocking Cultural Appropriations Ever

    all of these cultural appropriation articles, my impact really!
  9. BITCH

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    thank you girls!
  10. BITCH

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Don't mind my suga daddy in the back ()
  11. BITCH

    How to rip something (Mac users only)

    Use soundflower and audacity!
  12. BITCH

    High Princess: Art Gallery

    love it legend
  13. BITCH

    MØ - Final Song

    IMO, this is the deciding factor whether ill stick to stanning her. Loved NMTF, saw her live and it was amazing. Lean On was good but Kamikaze is absolute shit, Diplo ruined her. Hope she redeems herself with the studio, the live version sounds promising
  14. BITCH

    Do looks matter in a relationship?

    It matters to a degree, but I have to be emotionally invested in someones personalty to be in a serious relationship with them. Looks are usually the hook which draw me to talk to them
  15. Where did you share the sia songs? I'm not good at navigating this site. Thanks in advance :) you are the best!

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