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  1. HQ MUSIC VIDEOS? Where can I find?

  2. My Instagram is @manueldz93, in case you'd want to know me better!

  3. thanks for the Ed Sheeran song :-)

  4. Manueldz93

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Here I am, lol I'm from Argentina, and my IG is manueldz93 if you wanna see more!
  5. Manueldz93

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    I didnt know there were so much unreleased songs from bibo, but i love them, thanks 4 sharing! THANKKKSS
  6. Manueldz93

    Christmas Music

    this is like the best post ever. i wanna thanks to everybody who share stuff, specially to Whoknowsmehere, who do you do to find all that stuff? you are amazing and everybody is so cool in this forum, its like, really finding this forum was the best thing that happened to me this year, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
  7. Manueldz93

    Melanie Martinez Masterpost

    i never heard any of these songs, thanks
  8. Manueldz93

    Unreleased: Charli XCX, Allie X and Lady Gaga

    cab sineibe reupload all these collections? it looks interesting
  9. So... how I find this amazing forum? I used to have a huge music collection, but then my computer exploded, literally. So I started searching and I find this site. A M A Z I N G. Im speechless about the great media I can find here. And most important, I read the post and the comments and how people help each other to find stuff it just amaze me... I don`t wanna sound cheesee, but that`s the true. And what about me? I'm Manuel, I'm 25, and I'm from Argentina. If u wanna know more feel free to ask.

    Edited by Manueldz93
    1. MissDarla


      Yes! I love this place, everyone is so helpful and nice! 😊

    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      :yaskween: What a nice message to read! My external hard drive broke a few months back to so it's great to have somewhere to come where everything you'll ever need from all your fave artists is in one place and easy to download. I hope you have fun here, let me know if you need anything!

  10. Manueldz93

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    I know im VERY late, but this blog is the sh*t. A M A Z I N G. Im so obssessed with this forum. I lost all my good music and Im gettin it back thnks to all of u. U ALL ROCK!
  11. thanks to everyone for all the amazing media here
  12. you are my hero, thanks for the link

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