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  1. Er... Genius Lyrics is not that much of a reliable source, so I wouldn't pretty much believe something because it is in Genius. But maybe it's true, who knows? I also read somewhere that it would feature Dua Lipa as well. I'm getting kinda bored of Dua being here and there and everywhere (even though I love her, but after Prisoner with Miley... )
  2. Beautiful! I love these so much. Especially the one for Glory, it looks amazing
  3. I always skip Super Bowl Halftimes that I kinda don't mind who they bring each year tbh Wait, no, actually I don't watch the Super Bowl, so yeah, that includes missing the Halftime. I just don't watch TV at all dddddd.
  4. Which means... they have circulated, at least among few people. I hope they leak soon, along with the HQ files from American Dream, Sagittarius, Naked, Golden G String (OG version) and Victoria, to complete the original version of the album.
  5. Sky Ferreira - Wild at Heart (unreleased, scheduled for 2012) Since "Cecil Diamonds" leaked hours ago, I decided to begin a concept for this record, and I came up with this cover which I pretty much like. I hope Pretty Dull, Swamp Girl, I'm Not Alright and other songs from this scrapped project surface soon so we can hear how it would have sounded! In the meanwhile, this is an idea for the album with songs we already have: Lost In My Bedroom Sad Dream Ghost Blue Boredom Cecil Diamonds I Can't Say No to Myself I'm on Top Red Lips
  6. Free Love leaked last month, didn't it? First in medium quality and then in 320 kbps if I'm not mistaken. As for the other two tracks, well I have no idea.
  7. I'm glad you like it! I'm craving for new Sky material. Gladly a song leaked today
  8. Sky Ferreira - Masochism (????). Will it ever be released, though?
  9. Yeah I was hoping for the airplane thing too I'm really curious about what will the cover look like!!
  10. This is AWESOME! You did an amazing job retouching it
  11. Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club (2020-21). I know that the cover will look nothing like this, but I'm always so nostalgic for this classic Lana font that I usually make covers for every Lana era using that font. Pardon me. Besides, she is in front of a different car, and it reminded me of every album cover from Born to Die to Lust for Life. So I wanted to give it a look and I liked it. And she looks fantastic, but we all know it.
  12. Thank you so much for listening! I was beginning to believe it would flop Of course I can show you how to use the vocoder (and the best, it's FREE)! I can send you the tutorial videos where I learned to apply the vocoder, it's waaaay simpler than I imagined. Creating this song (and the album where it belongs) has been refreshing, so I'm glad it's being heard!
  13. Yeah, the era was quite upside down in a lot of senses but you're right, I think that the upside down text would improve the cover a lot
  14. Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018). I'm not sure if I shared this one before, but I reworked it a little bit improving the lighting. Ariana Grande - Positions (2020). I don't dislike the official cover, but I preferred this photo and font so yeah.
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