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  1. Ava Max - Heaven & Hell (2020). I redesigned it because my first version looked just as impactless as the official
  2. Maybe... I haven't been caught up with her news and media lately, but possibly there's a project to resume the tour sometime between late 2020 or 2021.
  3. Apparently that was the title given to the tour she planned for Shadow Works, but it only consisted of one show before she never performed again... it was kind of odd. But the setlist was the complete album and, if I ain't wrong, she performed some of the 2016 singles, and that was it. No Walking on Air, no other mild hits... weird.
  4. I've never liked Christmas albums, but I'm glad Meghan is releasing one!
  5. Yup, the "Elastic Days" is built up on the instrumental titled "Road 66" produced by Imotape (and, to be honest, the only song I didn't produce). It's pretty BTD indeed! I loved it so much and tried not to pay it dust while recording vocals over it Thank you so much! I enjoy working on the production quite a lot. I've thought about selling beats as well! Maybe I'll do it later too ddddd. And thank you so much for listening! I began working on a second album before reworking this one, so yeah, I already am two steps into the next era!!
  6. Okay so I just dropped the whole album a couple hours before! I hope you guys like it. Please help me sharing it, I'd be so grateful! I also added the files for free download!
  7. This is the last single I will release before the album drops next Monday. I hope you guys like it!
  8. Oh my oh my oh my!!!!! Gosh I don't know what am I (pretending I'm) doing in the industry. This is really, really good! I enjoyed a lot every aspect of this track. The instrumental, the production, your voice, the lyrics, the delivery, the catchiness... I wish I was half this good! I gotta admit I got a little sick on my stomach when you had the heart in your hand, but I liked the visuals so much! This is amazing, boo, keep up the great work! This is the first track ever I hear from yours, but I'm already waiting for your album to be released!
  9. OMG thank you so much! I actually don't consider myself a good vocalist, but I'm working on improving my skills so the output sounds better thanks for your support! I highly appreciate it Yaaaaas! I'm glad you are interested in sharing your stuff too, I'm looking forward to listen to it!
  10. Thank you so much! I'll definitely have to do something about that Autotune with my next releases, 'cause it bugs me a little as well. At first I was enthusiastic about it, but some songs just don't sound well when Autotune is excessive. And thank you so much for listening!
  11. Hello, everybody. Around four months ago I released what I thought was my first album entitled Not Ready for Life, and much to my displeasure, I ended up hating it a lot. I blame it on my idea of rush-releasing it one day before my 21st birthday, and what a mess. So I decided to rework everything in terms of vocals and vocal editing. I tried to learn a little more of audio editing, and I think I like this result much better than the previous one I shared back in April. Still I don't consider this is a great record, but I feel happy with it. Anyway, I wanted to share I'm re-releasing an enhanced version of the album, with a new title Last Days of Freedom, and it is out now! Three singles were released prior to the album: "Hello", "Numb" and "Mind Games (Shattered)". FREE DOWNLOAD iTunes AAC M4A Mastered files If you guys give a listen to this or share it, I'd be infinitely thankful! I truly hope you like it. It's been such a journey to create this record, and I'm glad it's finally out in the form I wanted it to be. For streaming, click below:
  12. I don't actually hate the text of the official, but the textless version is 100000000 times better! I guess that's the one I'm using also I like a lot how her name (in your version with text) only has the borders in yellow, it looks great.
  13. Ava Max - Heaven & Hell (2020). Removed the original font (as many people are hating) and used a new one with a metallic foil effect. Also, the textless one looks nice.
  14. Ava Max - Heaven & Hell. Official date is not confirmed, but its title was confirmed today apparently. After years of speculation, though. I'm lowkey excited for it. Album cover is not dreadful, though.

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