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  1. Moonchild

    Melanie Martinez - TBA (2019)

    Okay, so it is a cool concept for the album, but it is fake. The songs included there are outtakes from Cry Baby or Dollhouse in its majority. The rest ("Unhappy Meal", "99 Cent Store" and "Drama Club") are speculated to belong to the second album, yet to be released, but they might be outtakes from previous projects as well, judging by the sound. And the artwork is cool tho. I might use it for my Melanie unreleased collection. By the way, I haven't noticed "Wicked Words" there. It is old af, actually previous to Cry Baby. And ignorance is cool, because it allows one to learn more. Thanks for sharing the info, tho.
  2. Moonchild

    Melanie Martinez - TBA (2019)

    Right? I wouldn't mind if she just gave up the film and release a regular album instead.
  3. Moonchild

    Melanie Martinez - TBA (2019)

    This is so tiring. She's been delaying since late 2017. What kind of Florrie, Kerli, Bonnie McKee, Sky Ferreira, Porcelain Black is she trying to become?
  4. Moonchild

    LydieXo's request (Mainly Lana Del Rey snippets)

    Me neither. I'm out of trading since around a couple years ago, but I wish I had files to trade for "Damn You" lol
  5. Moonchild

    Moonchild's Lana Del Rey Masterpost

    Hey guys! Well, I just updated my Lana folder. Sorry for the images, I can't post them in the thread for some reason, but you can download the albums in the link above and along with the songs are the images. You might want go there and check out the new updates! I added the recent leaks and improved the covers (which are included in each folder individually).
  6. Moonchild

    LydieXo's request (Mainly Lana Del Rey snippets)

    These snippets are amazing, aren't they? I'm still hyped for the "Damn You" and "Hollywood's Dead" final versions, as well as for the "Young & Beautiful (Demo 2)". I really hope they leak at some point. Like, five years ago lol
  7. Moonchild

    LydieXo's request (Mainly Lana Del Rey snippets)

    Okay, so I found this on Spek: However, I'm not able to upload the file directly; I may send you a link to it if you want it, or else, wait for if someone has a better quality for the song.
  8. Moonchild

    LydieXo's request (Mainly Lana Del Rey snippets)

    Hi boo! I found this video with snippets of many unleaked songs by Lana. The songs you look for are there, along with many, many more: As of for "Flipside", I have to check my file to see if it really is HQ or just a rip, I ain't sure. I'll be replying as soon as I find out.
  9. Moonchild

    Rita Ora - Phoenix

    Time for Rita leaks
  10. Moonchild

    Rita Ora - Phoenix

    Yeah, I would like it, too. I also would like to hear "Get a Little Closer", "Us", "Touch the Sky" and others that were performed live and I don't know if any studio version exists for them.
  11. Moonchild

    Rita Ora - Phoenix

    Damn yeah, I want it already lol. What are the Ora songs that might be circulating?
  12. Moonchild

    Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell

    I don't agree. Definitely, I love it. So ready for this.
  13. Moonchild

    Rita Ora - Phoenix

    I wish it was "Religion", that live song featuring Wiz Khalifa. However, I think the song is old enough to be scrapped.
  14. Moonchild

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    I wouldn't know
  15. Moonchild

    Rita Ora - Phoenix

    This is the standard track listing: Anywhere Let You Love Me Only Want You Lonely Together (with Avicii) Your Song First Time High Cashmere For You (with Liam Payne) Summer Love Girls (feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX) (Unannounced) Hell of a Life

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