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  1. Wait what? That just CAN'T be possible. Assuming she had 23 when she started workin with them, that was, at most, 12 years ago... Oh, no, it's true. Sorry, my bad. I think I just rounded numbers way too much
  2. From those sessions, I only really really like The Rules of Attraction, Surrender and Earthquake. The rest are good, but not very much my favourite Bonnie material tbh. Awww thanks bestie! That's what Bonnie's music makes me do the pieces are right there, and I'm pretty sure more than one storyline can be made. She just has to grab them, arrange them and release them
  3. Exactly! From those sessions, she literally has material to drop 4 EPs like that. One each 6 months. And there she is, a regularly-releasing artist delivering bops every single time Who knows what's gonna happen with these songs tbh
  4. Yo, she has us wrapped around her finger It would be great if she used the momentum of the leaks to make some appearance in her socials or anything
  5. Well I keep forgetting about them because apparently the Right Now circulating is not THE Right Now she performed, so And with Hit Me Up, not the biggest fan of it tbh, though it would be cool to have more Bonnie. But if you'd ask me which song I'd prefer to get in full first, I would always say Forever 21
  6. Sure thing! Maybe Google Drive works for you? This really feels like her XCX World era, with Forever 21, a fan favourite, remaining unleaked, just like Taxi did for a long while
  7. I also was finally able to make a better Electric Heaven remaster, and I really like how it turned out! Enjoy in mp3 and WAV. Just in case you wonder how it changes, it sounds more balanced. This is the original leak's waveforms: And this is the remastered waveforms: So essentially it sounds louder, but not only more punchy. It's more balanced so the verses sound louder and the choruses don't punch much over her vocals.
  8. Mine is as follows: With Forever 21 as track 3, which remains unleaked. When/if it leaks, I'll add it. I think there's a great story going from Hot City until Rewind Your Heart, arranged that way: Tracks 1 (American Girl) and 2 (S.L.A.Y.) both kinda set the mood for the record, and track 3 (Forever 21) in an extent as well: this thing of having fun, being young, falling in love, feeling powerful, being the best you can and live your life. Such a mood. Then, you hang out with friends (Hot City) and meet your friend Jenny's boyfriend, who you get a crush on (Jenny's Got a Boyfrien
  9. I actually use those tracklists you mention, but if she were to officially release the album, I think it would've been nice to have sessions from both projects combined into a single album dddd. EXACTLY, I.Nimene was a great project too. Hope we'll get to know more info about it, though it's highly unlikely to happen
  10. Tbh many songs from those sessions really deserved better Maybe if the album was like: The Lucky Ones Can't Control the Kids Sugar Kaleidoscope Bullet Zero Gravity Speed Limit Army of Love Last Breath Supergirl Dollface Here and Now Stardust I'm not too fond of either Love Me or Leave Me or Chemical, but with Stardust she sounds pretty good and feels like a really great closer. Or if we got Weapons of Mass Creation in 2012 and Utopia in 2013/2014 it would've been awesome too.
  11. Afaik there's 4: Dressed to Kill, Ferocious, Lookin 4 Trouble and Resurrection. Nah, I left Sleepwalker back with the outtakes from the Epic album.
  12. I use the Resurrection artwork, it's great That's just 'cause I'm lazy and haven't made one myself, but it does slap tbh
  13. Sure thing! I'll keep an eye open for u
  14. I don't think any of us have it, but honestly I haven't checked the Trade thread so maybe I'm wrong lol. But it would be nice to know if F21 is even around.
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