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  1. Moonchild

    Sia - Testosterone (Full HQ?)

    Hopefully them all will leak someday soon, 'cause the music Rita did around 2014 and 2016 was amazing and Roc Nation paid her dust.
  2. Moonchild

    Sia - Testosterone (Full HQ?)

    I'm trying to remember, and as my memory is bad, I decided to go to ASCAP and search for it, but the only Tranter co-written songs appear to be "Egyptian Cotton" and "Poison", this one with Julia as well. But i know there are more songs written by them for Ora. Julia usually writes more than one song for an artist, so... yeah.
  3. Moonchild

    Made Up Album Thread

    I'm dying to hear Norman Fucking Rockwell, by our queen mother Lana Del Rey. But her label keeps the album from being released, so here's my idea for it. I hope it includes these songs and more (maybe, in the last minute, they will add four or five songs and it will be a long album in the end lol). (My cover for the album ) Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell (2019) Track listing: Mariners Apartment Complex 🅴 Norman Fucking Rockwell 🅴 Bartender Happiness Is a Butterfly Hope Is a Dangerous Thing For a Woman Like Me to Have - But I Have It 🅴 Cinnamon How to Disappear In Your Car* Cactus You Don't Ever Have To* Starry Eyed Hey Blue Baby I Must Be Stupid - For Being So Happy Venice Bitch 🅴 *indicates that song title is currently unknown and it was just assumed by fans. 🅴 denotes that the song contains explicit lyrics.
  4. Moonchild

    Made Up Album Thread

    Most of these collabs are not even Nicki's songs, but songs in which she collaborated, so I don't usually listen to them Queen is an amazing body of work. It has many bops! "Ganja Burn", "Majesty", "Barbie Dreams", "Bed", "Hard White", "LLC", and "Come See About Me" are the best imo.
  5. Moonchild

    Sia - Testosterone (Full HQ?)

    With the amount of shelved songs this bitch has, maybe we would have material for three or four more albums that Roc Nation shelved. So I wish them to leak soon, as "Champagne Lights", "Elevator", "Could It Be", and many, many others, sound really cool and will never be released. After (if) those songs leak, I'll see how the hell do I organize that shit, as I'm assuming it's a messy collage of eras
  6. Moonchild

    Sia - Testosterone (Full HQ?)

    Sounds kinda... cool to me. I mean, not what I really want from Rita (luckily this was shelved ) but we already have "Sex on My Mind", which sounds pretty much in the same line. I just cannot imagine this and "I Will Never Let You Down" and "Poison" in the same album but any Rita leak is admitted. Fingers crossed for her shelved Roc Nation songs to leak soon
  7. Have You Now: https://picosong.com/wbtS5/ Glow Up: https://picosong.com/wbtQC
  8. Two songs leaked today, apparently: "Have You Now" and "Glow Up". Both appear to be from the Treat Myself sessions, as they are from 2019 and 2018, respectively. Or else, they are from a different, newer project, which could signify their scrapping off the album.
  9. I've done this artwork as I didn't like the official cover, so you're free to use it if you like it! I've listened to the album four times already today. My favourites, I can tell now, are "I Love You", "You Should See Me In a Crown", "Bad Guy", "My Strange Addiction" and "See Through". The only track I feel a little off is "Listen Before I Go", but I still like it anyways. I'm betting that When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is gonna be one of my favourite albums of the whole year - and we're still in Q1! Lana is next to surprise me with Norman Fucking Rockwell
  10. I listened to the album already. It is really good! At my first listen, my favourites are "Bad Guy", "My Strange Addiction", "Ilomilo" and "I Love You", but overall it is a pretty well done album. I thought it would be kind of boring, but it is not! Hands down to this. It leaked, so that's how I listened to it, but I already had pre-ordered it on iTunes, so I'm anxiously waiting for it to be already unlocked! Billie did amazing with this
  11. What are these? Like... "Genetics" and "Say It to My Face" I know they're from very recent sessions, but the rest are old af, so this is not a track listing, right? I'm convincing myself that this is just a list of songs somebody had to trade or anything. Right! And I suggest to divide folders or something to map the songs. For example, those two were recorded in 2018, and the leaks that occurred yesterday were all from 2012 and 2013. I can provide help searching for the recording dates and, if you wish, writers and co-writers of the songs (if they are known, I'll manage myself to find them). I don't know, maybe I'm the only maniac who has his unreleased stuff arranged as organized as possible. If somebody cares about it, I can help
  12. Thank you so much!
  13. Yes I am. However, "Wish You Were Gay" was not her best for me. I don't know if she had any other possible choices, but to me, that was not it. Honestly, I've preferred her Don't Smile at Me type of music instead of songs like "Bury a Friend" and "Wish You Were Gay". Let's see what this girl has prepared. I'm not really holding my breath for this album, but I'm curious about what will it sound like.
  14. Moonchild

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    Ikr? Well, however I don't hold my breath unless I see a link a new comment. But... yeah I feel you
  15. Moonchild

    Sia - Testosterone (Full HQ?)

    Thank you! I was amazed with that naughty Sia verse when I first heard it lol I wonder if Rita Ora's version (or versions, as I've heard it was recorded with four or five rappers) is floating over there along with other Ora unreleased songs. We'll see. Thank you again!

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