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  1. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I found this one, allegedly the final version to it. It appears that the other one I uploaded was a fanmade mix, but it is supposed this is the final one. Who knows? Bebe Rexha - Rome Is Burning.mp3
  2. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I know I guess the same, painfully I doubt an album is on the way. However, if we are not ever geting albums from her, I want her to keep recording things and hackers leaking them, at least we know with Florrie there's no other way
  3. The begging thread (please leak....)

    It might be! I also think the same thing since an instrumental version for "Turn the World Upside Down" leaked in mid-2016 (and now it's unavailable ), and instrumentals for "Looking for Love In the Wrong Place", "Galaxies", "Stupid Boy", "Last Thing On Your List", and so on, also leaked, so maybe these are the official and the demos are the ones that remained unleaked
  4. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I know maybe it's too much to ask, but with all the recent leaks, I thought these eventually will come out. There are different versions for Florrie's "Turn the World Upside Down" and "Galaxies". The leaked ones last for 3:31 and 4:16, respectively. However, there are other versions from the album sampler that was sold through different sites, which last 3:39 and 3:28, respectively. Does someone have them? Can someone please leak them both? I hope they eventually leak one day, specifically very soon
  5. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I don't know if you still need these, but here they are Bebe Rexha - Rome Is Burning.mp3 Bebe Rexha - Like A Baby .mp3
  6. Made Up Album Thread

    Completely agree on that! Miss her dance music releases sometimes. Nevertheless, Joanne was awesome as well.
  7. Made Up Album Thread

    I like this too much! I don't know, maybe I would replace "Sire" with "Red Flame", and totally keep Lana del Rey out of the album. However it's amazing, I would totally buy this if it sees the light of day (very unlikely to happen, but still )
  8. Made Up Album Thread

    It'd be awesome!
  9. Made Up Album Thread

    Sounds amazing! Maybe they could do something really good together
  10. Made Up Album Thread

    Definitely let's hope she releases her long-awaited sophomore album this year... luckily before summer begins
  11. Made Up Album Thread

    "Walking on Air" is from Love Is Dead, which it's the only studio album she has released so far I like it a lot, too!
  12. Made Up Album Thread

    It is up now you can have it in my previous comment, or else, right here
  13. Made Up Album Thread

    Damn she needs to hurry, of course! I'm perched to be the first Mexican person to buy that album (nobody else in my damn country seems to give a nut for Kerli Sis
  14. Made Up Album Thread

    Thank you! And I made something for her 2016 era songs (which I think were scrapped again). It is called Wild Things, it would have been amazing if it were released back in 9 October 2016, and it would look like this: Track listing: Blossom Feral Hearts Racing Time Build the Cities [Karma Fields feat. Kerli] Diamond Hard Whispers Blue Skies Ahead [AFSHeeN feat. Kerli] Spirit Animal Raindrops [SNBRN feat. Kerli] Sound of Walking Away [Illenium feat. Kerli] Diamond Hard (Akcent Remix) iTunes bonus track Blossom (Futuristik Remix) iTunes bonus track Singles from Wild Things: «Feral Hearts» (February 19, 2016) «Blossom» (April 29, 2016) «Diamond Hard» (July 27, 2016) «Spirit Animal» (December 15, 2016) Here you can download it and I moved "Whispers" and "Blue Skies Ahead" from Weapons of Mass Creation to Wild Things because I think they fit better in the latter one I think I would like Kerli finally release something (an album, please ) this year, but I think it's not very likely that the 2016 songs will be released there, since there was nothing in 2017, so I decided to give them an era, too
  15. Made Up Album Thread

    Here you go ;)

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