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  1. Me neither, but the behaviours are incredibly similar in terms of not attending directions lol. But the new user is not harsh. It's most likely a completely different person - and I'm grateful for it.
  2. Hello my dear friends! I'm just too happy to announce that I'm going to DSPs! I tested the releases dropping "Drunk" (my favourite off Last Days of Freedom) as the first official single, and it hit Spotify today! I'll be eventually putting up all my releases there. Here you can listen to "Drunk" in case you haven't. Hope you like it!
  3. Lana Del Rey - Yosemite (Moonchild Version) I truly love the original, but after listening to it for like a thousand times, I think the drums I'd love to hear in it are those from the Lust for Life Demo 3 / Max Martin demo. So I added them to the song and it sounds just as monotonous as the original (the drums play from beginning to end with no interruptions) but with a different vibe. More... like the Lust for Life scrapped song I imagined Yosemite would be. Anyways, Yosemite will always be in my top 10 of Lana's released songs.
  4. Greyson is so hot OMG And that cover for Hellboy is great! Can't wait to have the album wait, I just realized the song is not the title track
  5. Well, I went for a completely different style for Julia's album. So here it is: Julia Michaels - Not In Chronological Order (2021) Very simple, but I like it better.
  6. She has like 4 or 5 albums shelved since 2013 to date. But yeah, it's true, this one seems to be from scratch as long as it is released I'll keep myself from complaining.
  7. OMG wasn't she doing one since like the time of Bombastic? (by the way, @Skinny Legend we need this celebmoji)
  8. I would've preferred a straight-to-the-point VHS effect instead maybe I'll have to do one like that. If it looks nice, I'll share
  9. Julia Michaels - Not In Chronological Order (2021). The original cover looks kinda weird. That's my always complaint with Julia's artworks. I'll probably rework this one, the selection looks awful and I was not able to get rid of that. But if I fix this I'll update it.
  10. Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters (2021) Allegedly, she just retitled Rock Candy Sweet into Blue Banisters (which sounds more fashionable to me), but if what she posted on IG is the real cover... girl... I fixed it for you. I lowkey believe that selfie she posted is not the actual cover, just a promo thing or something. Hope so. She can do better.
  11. OMG dude thank you so much! I really hope you like it
  12. I would love nothing else than this. It's true that it's very unlikely she will release the album, but at least she could bless us leaking the studio form of those tracks!
  13. Okay guys so I decided to drop the album a few hours before midnight (the truth is I'm very tired and won't be able to post the album in the very hour). So here you can find it! https://edwardsidler.bandcamp.com/album/fears You don't need to buy it to listen (that's just if you want to support me, only $4.09 USD!!!), the platform allows to play the complete songs without purchasing I hope you like it! It's very different from my previous album, and in my opinion, betterly done. Enjoy!
  14. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP: Act II (2014, scrapped) With the news that DJWS and Gaga are talking about the project, I couldn't help but do this. If I find a better quality version of the "LADY GAGA" and "ARTPOP" texts, I'll improve this.
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