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  1. This story is so strange ... Miranda is a queen, Sparks Fly is iconic!
  2. Lauren wrote Feel Alive with Hilary & Toby
  3. I think that is not Avril's song. Avril's song Don't Stop has her in the credits, and it's from Head Above Water era
  4. I was wondering about that... it is the first time that i heard something about this title. weird 😛
  5. Metamorphosis is a great album! she was only 15 when she recorded it so it's natural to have some more "silly" songs but I love all this bible so much
  6. i would die for Twisted, Heroine...
  7. Twisted hear this song is my dreammmm
  8. Apparently yes! At the time some people said the songs would come on the phone. But whoever bought the phone never leaked. I don't know the reasons. 😢
  9. I hope that we could hear the other demos soon!
  10. I've heard this one time on twitter but no one link for download. it happened like 1 year ago when & where u heard that?
  11. guys, do you think that will we hear "twisted" one day?
  12. please do u have "Twisted" or another song from 2014's album of Hilary???
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