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  1. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Who Have You Seen Live?

    It sucks when your town doesn't get much attention on tour dates. I grew up in Milwaukee and we didn't get anyone!
  2. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Scrapped Tracklists

    She who hates Dua Lipa hates life
  3. britneyspearsfeatmadonna


    Take That is amazing! This performance still gives me chills:
  4. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    RuPaul's Drag Race RuView: Reality Stars: The Musical

    I am living for these recaps. I love this show!
  5. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Britney Spears Concert Postpones Israeli Election

    Further evidence:
  6. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Will the Justin & Britney Collab Actually Happen?

    Especially not Can't Stop The Feeling era Justin.
  7. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Some Of My Covers

    This is amazing! Definitely fits the LDR vibe better than the official cover.
  8. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Lady Gaga Poll - Perfect Ilussion vs. The Cure

    And The Cure is the cure for it!
  9. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    REQUEST K.I.D-TAKER ON @the_edge NOW (only once tho)

    Did they play it?
  10. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Eros Cover Arts!

    That Leona Lewis cover is flawless!
  11. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Mini Viva appreciation thread

    I'll start the GoFundMe!
  12. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    So excited for this!
  13. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    low kii bad Gallery

    These are great! I love the pastels on the second one.
  14. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    nanapop99's Gallery

    Amazing! I need a new Britney unreleased cover and this is perfect!
  15. britneyspearsfeatmadonna

    VEENX's Cover Art

    Using this immediately! Amazing!

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