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  1. The123

    Balladino - Sia

    She should release a song every day girl
  2. The123

    Balladino - Sia

    Unfortunaly, no sis :c it's not out there officially or has leaked. It's really a shame because suitcase is so good! Hope someday we have it in full.
  3. The123

    Balladino - Sia

    Here is a 2 min snippett from Balladino, the song queen Sia made for the movie Charming where she also voices a character. As the number one stan of Sia on this site I always know about songs coming from her or that leaked. And also I´m 100% that the user Allaboutsia is going to post this song like he found it, girl don´t be a bitch and give me the credit I deserve
  4. The123

    Has It Leaked?

    I didn't know! I thought I had unleaked songs but I suppose not anymore And yes! They are so good!!
  5. The123

    Has It Leaked?

    Has Arrested and Passenger by queen Sia leaked?
  6. The123

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    All the Sia everybody have
  7. The123

    Sia - Move Your Body (Single Mix)

    Yaaaass! I love love the greatest video, a beautiful way to remember our sisters from orlando
  8. The123

    A few Sia songs!

    But we need the full version, I was so excited with the cashemere version but it was only the chorus
  9. The123

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    my team will do the same

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