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  1. Thank you so much for making a news story out of my article! It means a lot to me, thanks!
  2. After eleven years of waiting, several false starts and countless delays, Fergie's sophomore album Double Dutchess has finally been released. A visual album, the thirteen tracks are accompanied by Seeing Double, a "visual experience" which contains standalone music videos for each of the songs as well as an exclusive interview with Fergie about the project. Of all of the music videos on Seeing Double, 'A Little Work' has to be my favourite. I'm not sure if I have the right words to explain it, but I found it beautiful, sad and intriguing. The video really spoke to me and the story behind
  3. Sia is just one of those very underrated artists. I really think her music before 1000 Forms of Fear is amazing too. I really love Healing Is Difficult and Colour the Small One. We'll just have to wait for the release of her Christmas album later this year! I really can't wait, but at the same time I don't know what to expect of her original Christmas songs
  4. Yess! It could be her movie based on her one page story, called "Sister". Of course, the name of the project could have been changed already. I do have other exciting news! Sia is probably going to release a song soon! According to Billboard (not that long ago), we could expect some new music by various RCA artists (including Sia). I've posted a snippet of that upcoming song. This song can be heard through Sia's pony toy (Songbird Serenade)! Also, a new snippet surfaced today through a video of Tonya Brewer & Maddie Ziegler. Maddie was dancing/flying in the air, and the background son
  5. It's more likely her feature film rather than a new music video ^^. In the P!nk & Sia interview (Around 2:55), Sia said she is directing her first feature film. She also said it's a musical, so we definitely get more music by Sia!! Also, someone posted this pic on Twitter
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