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  1. We need new Kerli... It's been too long since the last leak/release. Hope someday Deepest Roots finds its way online.
  2. Updated with Lady Gaga - Chromatica album cover
  3. Let's see if they ever release React first x')
  4. Updated. November was definitely the best month music-wise this year
  5. Yup but lets just say that I was only trying hard in 2019 Sadly, it's only coming in a few months. It's a shame but hopefully she will release a couple more songs before the release date. About Sia, it's gonna depend on her health and weather or not she feel like releasing something as a solo act. Lady Gaga better go back to her roots, musically speaking. I'm sure we are all hoping for a The Fame 2.0
  6. Fifth edition is here! I’m going to update this topic throughout the year once we get official announcements. Feel free to submit some! January 10: Selena Gomez - Rare 18: Halsey - Manic 24: Suzane - Toï Toï 31: Kesha - High Road February 7: La Roux - Supervision 7: Oh Wonder - No One Else Can Wear Your Crown 14: Tame Impala - The Slow Rush 16: Justin Bieber - Changes 21: Agnes Obel - Myopia 21: Allie X - Cape God 21: Grimes - Miss Anthropocene March (Cancelled) 27: Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgi
  7. Take it as a compliment then. You wise "young" soul!
  8. They are fucking good! I'm very excited about High School Sweethearts, Lunchbox Friends, Detention and Nurse's Office. Wheels On The Bus and Recess didn't do much for me yet so I will see once we get the whole thing. Can't wait for the movie and album release!
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