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  1. SkullPop

    What I'm up too!

    I was crushing on him but we wouldn't have ever meshed! We were just friends! & Thank you! At first it was really hard but it was for the best!
  2. SkullPop

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    Thank you guys so much!! & Victor I just gave those songs a listen & I've legit never have heard them in my life! Then again I'm only 16 lol. But I'm very excited to get into her! Thanks guys again!
  3. SkullPop

    What I'm up too!

    Oooh shit! Hella has happened! In trying to meet Rene for his present he kept delaying! I've had moments where I wanted to leave him but it became really prominent these past two months. So, he said he was called in for work, no biggie. The second planned meeting he also had work ok kind of sus but I brush it off. Eventually I felt he was cold & I couldn't deal with his bull anymore. He said he wanted me to not get sick, cause he got sick, & he was making excuses to not see me. On top of that, he has become a druggie! I don't need that in my life after trying to avoid that for the past 2 years!! So, I gave him his CHRISTMAS present on January 22nd. He loved it, & I was glad. Behind his back, I was planning to leave him as well. I knew though, if I had that present he wouldn't leave my mind & I was not about to throw that shit away. So, I think last week I dropped his ass, he was ignoring me, & being avoidant. I'm happier than ever I dropped him from my life, I don't need him to be happy! Nor do I need him for drugs or friendship. I have better friends than him & he's a lowlife. I deserve better. I'm glad Rene is out of my life for good.
  4. SkullPop

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    Ngl, I've never heard a Kylie song ever! So, when I heard dancing I was in love! Can anyone suggest other songs to hear from her? She has a lengthy discography lol
  5. SkullPop

    RuPaul's Drag Race | AS3

    I agree with you wholeheartedly! I hope Morgan makes a comeback & knocks them out of the water! She's a fave
  6. SkullPop

    RuPaul's Drag Race | AS3

    I love Morgan so much! & Bebe is amazing! Tbh I was not a fan of milk. She could've done better & didn't feel authentic. But besides that & the Chi Chi mess I was shaken!!! That variety show left me Bald.
  7. SkullPop

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    You have a beautiful body & i fucking love your tattoos! They look so good!
  8. SkullPop

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Thank you! I've been told I give quite a bite!
  9. SkullPop

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Me with no beard: Me with beard:
  10. Until I hear more information, I'm not going to say anything like she's guilty. Only because, I do give people the benefit of the doubt. But if it's true, she deserves prison time.
  11. SkullPop

    What I'm up too!

    I'm glad I could teach you something! Gays can get everything btw
  12. SkullPop

    Skullpop's Requests

    Of course darling!
  13. SkullPop

    Skullpop's Requests

    Thank you guys so much OMG! I'll definitely use some of the stuff you sent! I really can't thank you enough I really appreciate it! & Don't worry about Marilyn Manson, I understand you might not support him. But really, thank you!
  14. SkullPop

    Skullpop's Requests

    Thank You!

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