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  1. Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    You have a beautiful body & i fucking love your tattoos! They look so good!
  2. Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Thank you! I've been told I give quite a bite!
  3. Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Me with no beard: Me with beard:
  4. Until I hear more information, I'm not going to say anything like she's guilty. Only because, I do give people the benefit of the doubt. But if it's true, she deserves prison time.
  5. What I'm up too!

    I'm glad I could teach you something! Gays can get everything btw
  6. What I'm up too!

    Thank you boo! I'm glad to hear you're alright! You're very strong too, It must've been very difficult to convince yourself you're alright. & Don't worry darling, you aren't late at all! I'm glad you're okay now, keep shining your moonlight
  7. What I'm up too!

    I don't blame you LMAO! But I got the cure for it so I'm good!
  8. What I'm up too!

    Shoot me please. I got CHLYMEDIA
  9. What I'm up too!

  10. What I'm up too!

    Awww a puppy how adorable! Thank you boo! That's good to hear too! Sunshine is proven to help get people smile more! All that vitamin D is good for ya!
  11. What I'm up too!

    I love you too boo! Hope you're doing amazing btw love!
  12. Gaga: Five Foot Two

    I'll watch this on my birthday. I hope it's good! I think it'll be entertaining. I'm a fan of documentaries, but only the good ones.
  13. Currently Listening To..

    Nicole Dollanganger - Rampage
  14. What I'm up too!

    I get you, I'm sure you already listen to a lot of music but maybe taking on a hobby might help! Try, gardening! I'm sure you'll love it!
  15. What I'm up too!

    I'm sure it will pass! I encourage you to perhaps, smile more & to go for a few runs. I find it really helps!

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