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  1. What I'm up too!

    Thank you boo! I'm glad to hear you're alright! You're very strong too, It must've been very difficult to convince yourself you're alright. & Don't worry darling, you aren't late at all! I'm glad you're okay now, keep shining your moonlight
  2. What I'm up too!

    I don't blame you LMAO! But I got the cure for it so I'm good!
  3. What I'm up too!

    Shoot me please. I got CHLYMEDIA
  4. What I'm up too!

  5. What I'm up too!

    Awww a puppy how adorable! Thank you boo! That's good to hear too! Sunshine is proven to help get people smile more! All that vitamin D is good for ya!
  6. What I'm up too!

    I love you too boo! Hope you're doing amazing btw love!
  7. Gaga: Five Foot Two

    I'll watch this on my birthday. I hope it's good! I think it'll be entertaining. I'm a fan of documentaries, but only the good ones.
  8. Currently Listening To..

    Nicole Dollanganger - Rampage
  9. What I'm up too!

    I get you, I'm sure you already listen to a lot of music but maybe taking on a hobby might help! Try, gardening! I'm sure you'll love it!
  10. What I'm up too!

    I'm sure it will pass! I encourage you to perhaps, smile more & to go for a few runs. I find it really helps!
  11. Incurable STI Spreading Through Oral Sex

    I dont know how else to describe it
  12. What I'm up too!

    I probably will keep it up. Thank you boo! I wish you energy(only if you want energy of course)!
  13. What I'm up too!

    LMAO the gifs made me laugh! Though thank you very much darling! It means a lot. I'm glad I'm over it too. It's actually quite easy to give up sex! You just gotta be in the right headspace for it. Plus you have to have the will & motivation. Thank you! I'm glad too! So far, It's going & it's looking very well ahead!
  14. What I'm up too!

    Thank you guys!
  15. What I'm up too!

    So, I'm been active more as a late which makes me happy but I wanted to fill you guys in on what I've been doing in my absences & what I'm doing now. I've been meaning to do this for awhile noe bit with school now starting & my busy summer it's been a pain. So basically, to really start it off when I lost my virginity in the summer of 2016, I rushed myself. It wasn't very smart & it affected me negatively I felt like I had no worth because of it & was cutting class. I continued to have sex, then in November I was raped. It happened near my school & he picked me up from there. So, whenever I tried to attend I'd have panic attacks & almost start crying so I failed my sophomore year. Flash forward to June I've now been in therapy since December & I was nervous to go back to school, even though it was a new school I was worried. It's a continuation school so, I'd earn back all of my missed credits as well as the current ones I need. So I started summer school & I was so happy to go to class, I missed it so much! I was late 3 times only! With 0 absences after having not gone to class since December! After summer school was done, 6 weeks, I went to volunteer at a local kindergarten 'cause I really love to help others! & that was for 3 amazing weeks! I skipped January- July's social life cause it was an overall mess. I almost commuted once or twice but I'm overall, fine now. & I'm really proud of myself! Because I can confidently say that overall I'm happy now! Sometimes I'll have a few bad days or a bad week! But I'm really just all smiles! I haven't felt this way since I was a child & I'm just really grateful. Now, I'm still attending my new school & I need to work a bit harder but I know I will starting this next week. Plus, I got student council! So, I'm really excited to do that! Love ya guys! Edit: Oh & I forgot to say but I gave up sex! After I had the best sex ever (+ a few more flings after) I realized I hate hookups. Plus, I want to wait for a guy who's special to me until I start having sex again. Plus, I almost became addicted to sex. Instead of doing drugs or alcohol I'd turn to sex to fill the void & sex even almost led me to meth, coke, & heroin. I became obsessed with the drugs during my grindr days & tried to sell myself so I could use them & eventually OD on them! Booze I also almost sold myself for. I became so attached to the sex that I paid to give head cause I was just looking to get HIV. J knew that if I couldn't get the drugs to kill me, the HIV would & that's what I was hoping for. Other than that, I haven't had sex since June. I made a really good friend though from Grindr so I'm glad about that & since this has happened I've had sex with only 14 men in my life. It's cool in my mind how of I had sex with just one more guy I'd be 15 & I would have already slept with 15 guys. I turn 16 in a few weeks!

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