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  1. Rainbow

    What's Your Mental Age?

    Your Mental Age is: 32
  2. Rainbow

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Leak a Cry Baby outtake by Melanie Martinez to celebrate Christmas accordingly!
  3. Rainbow


    No, I think it's really creepy.
  4. I'm just looking for an angel with a broken wing...

  5. Rainbow

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Leak Chase Your Love, Rose, Jump Rope and Where Do Babies Come From?
  6. Rainbow

    Scam Reporting Thread

    I think this was the first actual true scammer report on this thread.
  7. Rainbow

    Albums coming in 2018

    Can't wait for LG6!
  8. Rainbow

    Mtrain Songs

    24/7 A Better Me Ain't Finished Yes Ain't Your Mama Airoport Lovers All That is Missing is You All Your Love is Gone Away Another Day As Long As I'm Singing Away Baby Doll Batch 47 Before You Go Better Than Blame It on the Good Life Blurry Break My Heart Break My Wall Camera Camera Candy Caribbean Love Cinderella Story Classic Color of My Lips Come and Get a Trouble Come on out Tonight Como Se What? Country Clubbbin' Curves Dad Dangerous Game Dear Marie Don't Matter to Me Don't You Down The Mississippi End of the World Escorpion and the Red Hand Falcon Fall Back Falling Behind Fernando Fidgeting Heart Fighting Gravity Fire Burns Flava Ava For Me Galaxy Good Looks Grey Shirt, White Pants (Daddy's Boy) Headphones Heart Beat Symphony Here for You Highlight Hold Me How Bad Can Be How Long Has It Been Hush I Love You Cause I Love You I'd Do It All Again I'm Sorry I'm the Man I'm with You In Case of Fire In the Sun Independent Infinite Xs Ond Os Lead Me On Leap of Faith Leave Let It Go Let Me Go Lets Go Liquor Talking Lollipop Looking Good Micky D Got The Tea Mr. Bartender My Baby is Gone National Anthem Never Nightmare On My Mind No Mercy No Surrender Numb Oh Aye Oh Only Us Girls Over the Rainbow Party Animals Party With The Zeros Please Don't Go Rain on My Parade Replay River Road Roll Rome Rumors Sign Your Name Sleadghammer Smooth Someday Maybe Somethings Gotta Give Stand by Me Started with a Hello Steak My Heart (Boy Meat) Sugar Daddy Super Cali Superstars That's Ok The Election The Grand Canyon Together We Will Tonight Tonight is the Night Under the Lights Volume We Go Hard Welcome To Murphy Town White Christmas You Can Be Anything You Gave Me Love You Know Better Your Way
  9. Rainbow

    Mtrain Songs

    Can someone send me a complete collection of all Meghan unreleased.
  10. Rainbow

    Mtrain Songs

    Oh lol. :rip:
  11. Rainbow

    Albums coming in 2018

  12. Rainbow

    Meghatron Traders Exposed Posh

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9zINt6RtVn60aqAc9ypB2w/channels He was a person who claimed to have a lot of unreleased songs... He had various videos too...

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