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You guys, I tried to update the site and it's kinda messed up all our themes and plugins :yeah: 

It's 3 am here now so I'm going to sleep but I'll try and get everything fixed tomorrow <3 

Sorry for the ugly website and lack of chatbox :( Feel free to use this thread as the temporary chatbox thread if you want!

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I have to say... I was SHOOK when the website loaded for me with the strait AF basic visuélles glaring right back at me like the abyss! But from what I gather this isn't the final look and now that I've recovered from the initial shock it actually isn't that bad! We need them iconic banners back asap tho!!! :hottie:

For now, get a well-deserved rest :wink:


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12 minutes ago, low kii savage said:

Upgrade? :cry: It looks like one of these pages that will tell me my lump on the neck is the reason why I have 3 days left to live and lil chat box will pop up from the bottom of the page so I can consult it with some random local doctor. Wishing WHF and the design quick recovery :awkwardney:

💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 I was NOT ready for this :cackle:

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