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  1. Yes and yes!! Skylar truly served with the album. Love the melodies and the theme. That's exactly what all of us are puzzled about. If releasing songs really is as expensive and difficult as she's describing it to be, then I find it mind-boggling she's hoarding the genuinely great songs she's recorded (and that only she can pull off) and chooses to release generic nondescript singles instead. Bonnie if you're reading this thread gives us an explanation because I cannot for the life of me rationalize this.
  2. Not even lowkey, she highkey gave up on music. I mean, the stats speak volumes... last solo single (that was meant for an actual Bonnie McKee project) released in 2018, then a slew of non-event singles (cover of another artist's song in 2019, a passion project with Eden xo 2019, and a TV series song in 2020). She also rebranded herself as a seasonal/Halloween act with the LVCRFT songs, and she isn't even credited on some of them. So yeah, she had all those false starts in 2017/2018 and after that just kind of fooled around on other people's work to make it seem like she's still consistently re
  3. And what's more, she had it built so she could (allegedly) save time traveling back-and-forth + to be more productive. I'm getting a "I didn't sign with another major label so I could release more music and serve it to my fans faster than before" deja vu. It's sad and I don't believe a word she says anymore. I wonder if there really is one circulating among traders. I mean, it HAS TO be because she def had the song ready for release back in 2013, and the demo was among the songs that were stolen (both the demo and the final version were recorded very close to each other just like Every
  4. Lmao, girl just admit your career is over if you keep milking a short film project from 2+ years ago that's available nowhere.
  5. That's the only sane realistic way in her case. It doesn't really matter whether you drip feed your songs or put out a complete body of work anymore, not today during the streaming era unless you market yourself as an old school artist with industry cred. Expecting an EP of at least 4 songs would be pushing it, so I'm here for 'S.L.A.Y. - Single' or 'Forever 21 - Single' releases
  6. Lowkey SHOOKETH how you've been going through your own personal McKeefication all this time
  7. I'm totally confident she's not releasing anything this year. Come ON, she'd be out there doing podcasts, and have a couple of gigs here and there to promote. She isn't even performing at this year's Pride as far as we know. I doubt she'd drop the Epic album aka her magnum opus out of the blue after going on and on about how she wants the world to take notice and not sleep on it. Yes, officially, it's still not summer yet but we know her well enough to deduce she's given up on new music releases this year.
  8. That was probably at the time of her negotiations then. Now that she does own them, it must be the producers and her own laziness and/or perfectionism at fault. Tbh, I'm over it because we do have the full album sans Forever 21. Thank you so much for the extra insight @Otaku -- I'll update my post with the new info on Poseur ❤️
  9. PURRRfection! ❤️ Using it as the first track
  10. Don't Get Mad, Get Famous really does lend itself to a wonderful theme she could've centered the entire album around. No matter whether she'd finish the song or included it as a cute album opening interlude it's a win/win either way. This is Bonnie though
  11. YAAASSSS It's both eerie and incredible how songs she didn't write became so relevant and descriptive of her life. Stronger, Lucky, Overprotected, Piece of Me, even Circus... all perfectly capture some aspect of her life/person. And of course, Work B is the Conservatorship/Vegas residency anthem that she had to re-record so the Myah Marie lead vocals wouldn't stand out as much when performed life
  12. It's actually much worse than boring, her career is over. 50% of her music leaked onto the Internet and spread like wildfire. The little momentum she got from that, she KILLED with uneventful TikToks and random photoshoots. Now she's posting pictures of herself posing on a flight of stairs. In spite of Masochism never coming out, at least Sky attended a major highly publicised event and gave her fans something to work with so they can get her name in the press by making up fake stories involving Elon Musk. Bonnie has NOTHING going on for her career at the moment. I think not even she know
  13. I feel for her SO MUCH. 😭 I'm also confident she's stronger than she's ever been though, and this won't stop her. She WILL have that baby. Hopefully the miscarriage wasn't some side-effect of that forced contraception device she had inside her for so long. Team Con deserves to rot in hell.
  14. messaged you! ❤️

  15. I'm a Taurus, I stick with and stand by the people I love no matter how messy they are. Team Wendy all the way
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