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Should Joan Be Banned From PHF?


Should Joan Be Banned From PHF?  

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  1. 1. Should Joan Be Banned From PHF?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Make an area of PHF exclusively for Joan to troll in

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15 hours ago, Cypher said:

Over time, with the block feature, I've been able to stop viewing the user's writing, but it does show up as quoted text. While I've largely been able to overlook what's written, I do see the impacts it has on the forum as a whole. Despite attempts to reach out, offer material the user has asked for, etc, I've been met with brash and hostile responses. At the end of the day, I do hope/believe all users want to do their best to adhere to generally accepted behaviour, which in my eyes, is offered as a range to accommodate many varying personality types. Are there users on here that get on my nerves? Yeah, absolutely, but I can recognize when it's a "me problem." There's different personalities and then there's flagrant disregard. We have some amazing members here who have been here for years and some really cool new members that are just lovely additions. I would hate for the actions of one to drive away the great and unique individuals who come through the forum. We're here because we love music, we love the artists, and we want to support each other's work (self-recordings, fan-made artwork, etc.). While I can see why, @Skinny Legend, you want to take time to consider this action, I do believe this isolated case of banning a user is the right decision.. I believe this would be a great example of how members in this community want a positive experience on the forum and not have to deal with one very vocal heckler attacking their favourite artists, or worse, attacking them personally. There are other music forums out there where this type of behaviour is probably more accepted/unregulated, but I think quite highly of the community at PHF, which is why I've chosen to stay here as long as I have. <3 

Very thoughtful response!

I’ve not been personally involved in the drama, but I have come across it in several topics. It’s not productive or representative of everyone else. Makes those threads hard to engage with pleasantly. ?

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39 minutes ago, Skinny Legend said:

Since when is Joan a Steps fan? :orly: I don't think they're the same tbh...

Me neither, but the behaviours are incredibly similar in terms of not attending directions lol. But the new user is not harsh. It's most likely a completely different person - and I'm grateful for it.

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10 minutes ago, tajd said:

It won’t happen again I apologise for any inconvenience caused. I just got over excited and carried away. 

I think it's great you had a group you love; we all have our favourites and we all get carried away time to time. But as with everyone, let's help each other get/stay on the same page to keep this place a positive experience.

(not talking about the world of trading/selling. That shit can't be helped)

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