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Camila Cabello (+ unreleased infopost)

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finally finished! the unreleased infopost is done for now in OP. Anything you guys find is missing in it from songs to info, update me or correct me just drop a message here and ill for sure add it if it substantiates. have a read through if interested! :)

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Sorry for the essay got bored at 3am I was interested in trying to have an idea of how much of each Camila era we have since we know how many songs she recorded for each era (sources for song num

I know there are quite a few camilizers especially here so let’s talk Camila! Rn she’s a little inactive so maybe this would be more useful in the future but thought it would be a cool idea even for n

unreleased bought it i think

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Okay right thread this time :shocked:

Anyone is being released by Justin bieber on New Year’s Day the song has been reproduced with a beat underneath it according to ATRL https://atrl.net/forums/topic/330226-justin-bieber-anyone/?tab=comments#comment-17831284 confirmed by blackoutzone on page 4

Could romance era get any more tragic. Her moms favourite now being sought out by Justin bieber for his next single. And roger is still her manager

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