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  1. guys i don't want to be pessimistic but camila groupbuys never work, the taxi gb has failed so many times that i even lost count and it was cheaper than the boy
  2. camila mass with god is a woman, ain't easy, carry my heart and closer when
  3. lmao these snippets are old 💀 i doubt this is leaking saturday
  4. the way selena is leaking like water 💀
  5. so this is real and let me love you are leaking soon? i think it's just bullshit tbh, i've never seen anyone with them
  6. yes please!! wondering what will be the first camila leak of 2021
  7. omg?? this sounds like an 80s hit, i loved it
  8. act of god is one of her best songs, i can't see why she scrapped it 💀 the same with secrets
  9. the way win some lose some could've replaced high easily
  10. yes this is pretty good actually, at least it's better than cherry and love is religion
  11. i'm still waiting the xcxmass with the 2018 songs you were talking about 👁👄👁
  12. oh i haven't listened to this rain on me demo, will check
  13. i liked justin's version but i can't see why camila isn't credited as a writer, he didn't change literally anything from camila's demo, the lyrics are all the same
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