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  1. Yay check out my comp (fanmade album) w all of those official studio scraps, not recordings or snips here: https://dbree.org/v/52d8d4 idk if i should put this one here or... well u get me
  2. a lot of leaks happening this year as it seems
  3. Oh i know you and mentioned you on a previous post about some Sassadee/you/golden and alltheluv thing for all those past grails like Taxi itself and EOY
  4. How in the hell is Ain't Easy circulating after almost 4 years
  5. She basically said "in this place i have these hardcore, hardcore fans that know every single song, right?"... camila: scar tissue ,ya"ll know that one? Crowd: YEEEAAHAJDKRLFLEJRJ etc
  6. She's cool w (unreleased) leaks and even calls us "hardcore fans" for knowing every leaked track LMAO they be arguing w the wall
  7. I love Mila but i hate her fans, so weird and awkward
  8. Just leak a few more and my conceptual album will be done LMAO
  9. Just fxed the extension and it worked thx anyway keep em coming hahsh
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