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Is brazilian pop the next music sensation?


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Almost everyday week we are seeing some new brazilian act geting some international atention, did u guys know/like some brazilian singer? I really love and think names like Anitta, Pabllo Vittar, Jão, Wanessa and Manu Gavassi are very talented and complete artists and worthed to know.

here is something of them u could get to know and like:



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Brazilian pop star Anitta drags Warner Music on IG, saying she regrets signing with the label and would have “auctioned off her organs” to be let out of her contract.

In response Anitta’s fans held a protest at one #WarnerMusic offices after CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck rejected the star’s plea to be released from her contract. Her fans are now using these hashtags on social media to show support #FreeAnitta #WarnerIsOverParty.


Objectively, does Anitta have an actual problem here, rooted in sexism that contractually places her at an economic disadvantage?

If so, do these issues stem from actual issues of misogyny and sexism within the Brazilian music industry?

Do other Brazilian female entertainers typically have good working relationships with their record labels?

Or alternatively, is Anitta merely regretful of having once signed a standard industry contract with a major when she was an unknown? and now simply flexing her star power to shine publicity on her personal relationship struggles with her label as a means of leverage to re-negotiate her contract.. now that her fame extends internationally and using her now international profile to apply pressure on her label to aid these contract negotiations?

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On 3/18/2023 at 5:30 AM, Dax Diameter said:

Or alternatively, is Anitta merely regretful of having once signed a standard industry contract with a major when she was an unknown?

She actually signed the contract in 2020 if I remember correctly. She was signed to the local Warner label for her brazilian records, and then in 2020 signed this contract with the American label to launch her career in the U.S.

But her rant makes no sense because they poured a lot of money and promotion into her cancelled Girl From Rio album (later re-worked as Versions Of Me). They released at least 8 singles leading up to the album, paid for a lot of high profile featured artists like Cardi B, DaBaby, Missy Elliott, Khalid and Saweetie, put her in several high profile movie soundtracks like Fast 9 and Sing 2, not to mention putting her in studio with in-demand producers and songwriters, and plenty of television appearances. She has no right to claim Warner didn't promote her shitty music. She's doing this for attention because her career in the U.S. flopped miserably (thanks to her lack of talent, originality and personality) and now Warner won't waste another fortune in her career, so she's desperate...

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