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  1. Someone pls post The Lakes now that it’s being posted on Twitter
  2. I’m liking the sound of the snip. Better than most SIMC stuff. I don’t think the EP got as much attention as they hoped so 2 more EPs + an album wouldn’t have made sense to continue, prob for the best
  3. Thank you. I appreciate this response a lot. Of course everyone would like to be a good person and spread the joy, but my share would’ve been $200. So spending that and no way of getting any part of that money back just wouldn’t make sense to me. Like everything, if 6 people are involved like they mentioned, it will probably surface in the future.
  4. That’s hilarious. Some of you guys can be so entitled it’s ridiculous. I doubt you’ve ever spent hundreds of dollars to give something out to the public, you just want the handouts. Put the money up and you can do whatever you want with the song. 🤷‍♂️
  5. I was asked and said no when I heard the snippet, and I absolutely vault what I put money into. No reason I should spend the money it takes to give it out for free. Don’t know where that benefits me lol
  6. There is a private group buy going on in a small circle that plan to vault the song. I finally listened to a snip yesterday and honestly thought this would be like My Oh My or Havana vibe but it’s just a slow track! What’s the hype?!
  7. I did and saw they’re all clips besides the one posted after. So I thought maybe you were teasing a drop of the songs. My mistake I was baked and confused Someone's watching over me was the leak I wanted in the end and we got it
  8. Always wanted to watch the original seasons but I can never find solid copies online
  9. I’m not trying to be a shitposter but damn how does this chick even have a fan base? She is flop city. Every movie or show I’ve ever seen she’s been the worst part of it With songs named Soopa Gloo and X-Ray Spex I’m just not even shook that this album got shelved lol respect if you like her tho, heart wants what it wants
  10. Version of what? The disneymobile songs?
  11. Me too!! That would be so good. I never heard about it coming with the phone though - that would’ve been cool! I’ve never seen a link, even dead, that said it was a full version so I figured these were as long as it gets besides A Dream Is a Wish cause I think there’s a 2min promo with the full song?
  12. I don’t think so? I’ve used them in my own art. But you can find any font online free. Google “XX font” to figure out what it is, then google “font name free download”. Super easy. And when you search up the Hilary fonts you’ll see they’re as accurate as can be. Keep in mind they’re sometimes modified for albums and you just may not find a perfect match. To be specific, if you look at the top examples (2nd and 4th) you have up top, in both of them, the F’s in duff are entirely different meaning they were handwritten and not a font. So those won’t exist.

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