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  1. I checked his tiktok there’s no posting of this one that I saw unless it’s older. He does sound like Bieber which sucks imo cause he’s great, I actually kept his version of Motive but he’s clearly trying to get somewhere and idk if the industry will want a knock off yenno?
  2. Ok but we need to identify that Stuck With U demo cause that doesn’t sound legit. I thought it was Walker Koch who did the version of “motive” that people edited into a Bieber demo, but he hasn’t posted him singing that... so what gives also Cypher idk if you noticed but one of the clowns talking shit to you was Scherzy and nobody cares what they have to say so please just keep doing your postings lol
  3. I miss your sexy profile picture :'( Why do we have this bland old beige one now king?

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    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Omg that was Mac Miller? :cackle: I had no idea! Make the next one of you so we can all admire your beauty! <3 

    3. mxtt


      LOL you thought that was me?! You’re so silly hmu on ig, g

    4. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Idk why :cackle: I've seen you before and y'all don't look that similar. I'll remember for next time <3 

  4. 185 for Camila is unreal lol. How did nobody snatch that up
  5. Well tbh why are you coming into a begging thread to gloat? Imo the people who flex don’t have anything to flex 🤷 Theyre not wrong. You came into the begging thread for attention and then made a pointless remark when they inevitably asked you to leak it. Don’t need to be a dick to them when it’s your own doing
  6. Lol if this is legit then she’s got one sensitive PR team.
  7. They posted their discord to their IG so looks like that's where they'll keep it going
  8. I mean I’ll survive if it’s gone. I don’t really remember the cloud flare mess being days long tbh, I just remember it being slow. Worked fine for me the entire time but I use a VPN so maybe that’s why? Idk. This is the first big hiatus besides maybe a day offline before that I’ve experienced. IMO the site was fine and so were the admins. The kids were the brats that begged for shit nonstop. They just didn’t care to moderate people acting stupid which is fair cause most people on there nowadays were 12. They obviously have some kind of underground for themselves, they’re not just going to
  9. Really? Since I’d joined in 2019 I never experienced them being down like this. They say on the discord that it’s not coming back but on ig stories they’ve said they’re working on it. I wish we didn’t get the Chromatica wave, leakthis was simpler before then lol. Low key I feel like something happened, they lost everything and can’t bring it back. If I were someone who paid $500 for a role I’d be livid.
  10. Redacted post
  11. Ah thank you! It’s been improved since leakthis went down, I was going to share it but now we got the real one which is dope af but damn lol
  12. Hear that PHF??? 2 hoes ready to hoe together for this 3 minute track hit us up
  13. Me too. I spent hours over a few weeks making a 3435 ft doja cat edit with the clips we have but ok Ariana let’s drop the song after all my blood sweat and tears
  14. Someone hit us with an early drop of that 3435 doja + Megan remix coming tonight
  15. Omg true tho. so sad. I haven’t cared for much of anything since femme fatale and prior. Our poor Britty has seem better days. Hopefully she gets Jamie tf outta there
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