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  1. Version of what? The disneymobile songs?
  2. Me too!! That would be so good. I never heard about it coming with the phone though - that would’ve been cool! I’ve never seen a link, even dead, that said it was a full version so I figured these were as long as it gets besides A Dream Is a Wish cause I think there’s a 2min promo with the full song?
  3. I don’t think so? I’ve used them in my own art. But you can find any font online free. Google “XX font” to figure out what it is, then google “font name free download”. Super easy. And when you search up the Hilary fonts you’ll see they’re as accurate as can be. Keep in mind they’re sometimes modified for albums and you just may not find a perfect match. To be specific, if you look at the top examples (2nd and 4th) you have up top, in both of them, the F’s in duff are entirely different meaning they were handwritten and not a font. So those won’t exist.
  4. I was mistaken. There was absolutely a comment on here yesterday that said “^^^ steps” (Arrow’s pointing to the request) with a link. I thought I recalled it being dbree so I searched it up and I realized that was what was linked but it’s just a clip. Hope it pops up for you guys! I’ll keep an eye out
  5. That’s weird - somebody had responded posting it? Did anyone catch it or was it not the right file? I didn’t bother saving it cause I had no idea what Steps was
  6. - Metamorphosis was not a font - I don't have the last one from "Learning to Fly" DVD Most Wanted Logo (Modified) Dignity Logo Dignity (Hilary's Name) Chasing The Sun Logo All About You Logo Chasing the Sun / All About You (Hilary's Name) Hilary Duff
  7. Always! Same here. Never hurts to keep building the collection : )
  8. If that Snow Globe is real, I would survive if we never got that one it sounds more like a Frozen demo lol
  9. As much as I love Miranda, I loved Kate as a main character In the movie tbh it worked really well. Oh no I forgot about that!! Is that the one with his luggage and they’re yelling something about being on Disney channel? Like damn, kick someone when they’ve BEEN down. I do feel for anyone in his situation, health wise.
  10. Oh goodness probably lol. No one takes the cake for fucking up their opportunity like Orlando Brown tho (Eddie from Thats So Raven). What a wreck lol I hope she comes back!! Near the final volume of Lizzie, that whole “Miranda’s with her parents in Mexico” that lead up to the movie was so heartbreaking!! We need Miranda Good call! He's a justified reason.
  11. I know! It was amazing. I remember Lalaine had a backlash for a while toward Disney because she said they hid the other side of her culture and wouldn't let her act on it, they made her stay fully Mexican. Personally I never understood her point because Miranda was a Mexican character, it wasn't based around Lalaine herself. So when the first reboot started filming she was never mentioned. Somewhere in the mix of talks including Hulu, she was added to the imdb page, so I'm hoping that means she's been roped in on Round 2. Hilary seems to be fighting for what we want, she also doesn't want some cookie cutter Disney show, so I hope she's able to stand by us and do it right without getting choked or forced by a contract. I think Younger is ending soon! It must be given where the stories gotten too. I'd say it'll probably end after Season 7 or 8, and that's when they'll focus on Kelsey. The show seems to be coming to its finale. I literally just deleted my Google Drive full of every season in 720p HEVC the other day too. Agh. If anyone ever needs I can work on that again (also a tv show hoarder).
  12. Does anyone have better quality Jesse McCartney unreleased? Mine are only 128k Out of Words Start With "I Love You" Unrehearsed If I'm missing anything, that too. I'm good on Bleeding Love / Have It All. This has been requested a few times I think but I'm taking my shot.
  13. Lizzie is not dead in the water! They just did a table read on Instagram for an old story - she's still talking about what she wants to do moving forward. I think there's still possibility but tbh I don't want a show like Girl Meets World or Raven's Home, I agree that this sort of feels like a good fall back plan. Lizzie will focus on 30 year old Lizzie going back home after living in New York as an interior designer and finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Kelsey Peters lives in New York as (what I assume will be) her publisher/editor story, she's already made it big, they are very similar lol. At the end of the day, Hilary is best at just being Hilary. I think that's why things like Sharon Tate was such a flop. You def need to get into Younger! It only gets better every season. Push yourself into Season 2 and I feel like you'd like it! It's so good as the seasons go on! You should continue it : )
  14. I almost dropped seeing this today. Not only did the Lizzie McGuire cast do a reunion table read of the Bra and a Hard Place ep, but it was announced today that a Younger spinoff focused on Hilary's character Kelsey is in the works. I'm floored. 2021 is going to be 2003 all over again and I'm here for it. https://deadline.com/2020/05/younger-spinoff-starring-hilary-duff-in-works-darren-starr-sutton-foster-1202930088/ Fyi if you haven't seen Younger we're not friends until you do

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