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  1. Looking forward to hearing anything you’re willing to share!
  2. Thanks again for sharing 🖤 I very much enjoyed these
  3. I have The Other Bitch edit. It’s not in my iCloud Drive so I have to wait till Im home and can download it from my iTunes library. To clarify, each bridge/chorus says “Thought that hoe was a joke” and “The Other Bitch” which is just cut from the snippets, and then the ending says The Other Chick throughout because of the extra vocals, and you can hear most of the splices. Update here it is
  4. Thanks for sharing. Taking the info with a grain like you suggested but it sounds logical enough and what you could assume when seeing the tracks. Hopefully we can get the rest soon, I’d love to hear it. For what it’s worth, it was nice seeing her come back for a sec. got me replaying some Sparks Fly icons
  5. The name of this thread made me listen to endgame 3x
  6. I honest to god can’t believe the one time I choose not to go immediately rip something that it becomes a gem. Like wtf
  7. The songs are in the latest leaks topic, except apparently there’s a new version of Miranda Cosgrove is Flawless, that nobody has shared. Unless what was on the album is the same voicenote from Jeanettes SoundCloud
  8. Did anyone get a screenshot of the album? There's barely any history of this happening online, I can't find any info but I want to organize the songs the right way. I also feel like there was a more tragic (loved it) album cover than the one google has
  9. Good call!! Just went to look and you’re right. I noticed during the performance she kept doing this thing with her tongue over her teeth, and the band members have a face mask with that same tongue over lip thing. I wonder if that’ll be a symbol for the album or if I’m just overthinking it lol Either way I’m looking forward to it! I hope they sound more disco-y. As much as I enjoyed a few of those leaks I think Midnight Sky is a good restarting point.
  10. Someone pls post The Lakes now that it’s being posted on Twitter
  11. I’m liking the sound of the snip. Better than most SIMC stuff. I don’t think the EP got as much attention as they hoped so 2 more EPs + an album wouldn’t have made sense to continue, prob for the best
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