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List everything of "Pre-Order Bonus Track"


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Here's the songs that I know it's only pre-order bonus track by (kinda) famouse artists:

  • Jordin Sparks - Vertigo
  • Beyoncé
    • Lost Yo Mind (from B'Day)
    • I Can't Take No More (from Dangerously In Love)
  • Charlie XCX - 
    • You (Ha Ha Ha)" (Lindstrøm Remix)
    • Nuclear Seasons" (Night Plane Remix)
    • You (Ha Ha Ha)" (Melé Remix)
    • You're the One" (Deadboy Remix)
  • Adele - Rolling In the Deep (Live Acoustic)
  • Ashlee Simpson
    • I'm Out
    • Can't Have It All
  • Allison Iraheta - Don't Wanna Be Wrong
  • Britney Spears - Trouble
  • Leona Lewis - Fly Here Now
  • Chris Brown - Grafitti
  • Foster the People - Tabloid Super Junkie
  • Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (Remix)
  • Vampire Weekend - California English: Part 2
  • David Archuleta - The Day After Tomorrow
  • Emeli Sandé - Hurts (Acoustic)
  • David Cook - My Last Request
  • Kris Allen - From the Ashes
  • Kelly Clarkson - Not Today


Is there more?? Let me know on comments~!

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5 hours ago, Hawks said:

I think that Emeli Sande had Hurts (Acoustic) as a pre-order bonus track to LLTA, but i don't know If i'm correct

I think you're right. I can't find an actual screenshot but here's the google search info since it's not on iTunes anymore.

Screenshot (108).png

EDIT: Also, the acoustic version of "Hurts" is different from the London Bridge version. The acoustic version is 4:16, according to Wikipedia and iTunes.

EDIT2: Also, Hurts (Acoustic) is on the physical standard edition in Brazil. 

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5 minutes ago, schami66 said:

Kelly Clarkson had Dirty Little Secret and Not Today as pre-order bonus Songs for My December

They're for only iTunes Deluxe Version isn't it?? Or was on CD as Pre-Order Bonus Track???

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10 minutes ago, schami66 said:

No, these were digital only.

Are these songs mentioned in the OP actually part on physical pre-ordered CDs? Thats cool!

According to Wiki "Not Today" is the Pre-Order bonus track, "Dirty Little Secret" is on Deluxe too.

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