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  1. I would still wait a day or two if you would want to include Hit Me Up or Message In A Bottle, since these seem to circulate.
  2. I loooove these songs so much. what is everybodys five favorite songs from the epic sessions? I think mine are Somebodys Gonna Get Hurt, Love You To Pieces, I Wanna Fucking Call You, REWIND YOUR HEART (!!!) and I Can Still Dance. I really hope that she'll release these songs officially.
  3. Back in the day? Sure. Today? I don't think so. I don't think, that she still has the money or connections for a Bonnie song.
  4. I always wondered if she was talking about the Epic album or something new. And @Aftershock088 I don't know how to quote your post from a few pages earlier but I really love the love for Always On My Mind. What a great song.
  5. I'm not even part of the trading scene but you're going a little bit too far, in my opinion. No one owns us anything. If people want to hoard some songs, it's a bad luck for us but we can't change that. Do we deserve the other 8263991 Bonnie McKee Songs? Yes. Can we blame people into giving us the Songs? Don't think so.
  6. I named the Album American Girl. That's where I keep the best of the best. What I imagine/hope would be closest to the official album. Than I have an Album called American Girl: Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt. Kind of like a Fame Monster or Cannibal. Basically a "deluxe version" or whatever. Love You To Pieces really grew on me. When I first heard it I thought "yeah, meh" but I really like it now.
  7. Let me guess... Those are Clarissa Lorene lyrics?! Haha
  8. Miss Moonchild, Miss Moonchild... Your edit for Sexin U makes the song A LOT more enjoyable to me. Thank you!
  9. Hopefully most of the tracks in circulation leak. I can't even imagine Bonnie singing There Will Be Tears - it's gonna be so good. I can feel it. And I'm really interested in her Lovebirds Demo. Tbh I think they used her 2008 demo but it sounds the way it does, because of Greg Kurstins production. Bonnies Version is so, so much better.
  10. https://bonniemckeepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Second_Studio_Album Read this! It has every info about this album. I can really recommend it.
  11. No. Bonnie wrote Hello and Alone (what a bop!) from the Stronger Album and Bad Reputation from Piece By Piece!
  12. I remember the demo of I Wanna Fucking Call You had your username in the filename. Thanks for leaking the song! ❤️ Is your username inspired by the two Kelly Clarkson songs? If so, great taste! Two of the best songs in her entire discography. If Bonnies demo of Hello or Alone (the two songs she wrote for Stronger) leaked, I would die, I think.
  13. Ah and I read the last few pages. Some people were writing about Bonnies music apart from the Epic sessions. She has so, so, sooo many bops. California Winter should be what All I Want For Christmas Is You is. Let's not even start about the Bombastic EP... HER MIND. Mad Mad World is the anthem that got away. And then her unreleased discography; Diamonds, In The Wild, East Side Boys (with miss fucking genius SOPHIE), Always On My Mind (!), Stud Muffin, Trash Television, Stay Lonely Get Paid. Most of it is fantastic and I really recommend everyone to look into her unreleased (and ofc released) m
  14. So, i wanted to share the tracklist, that I'm using so far: 01. American Girl / 02. Hot City / 03. Waking Up Diagonal 04. I Wanna Fucking Call You / 05. Rewind Your Heart / 06. Everything But You 07. Restless (I know it's not from the epic sessions, but it fits, i think) / 08. S.L.A.Y. / 09. Electric Heaven 10. Somebodys Gonna Get Hurt / 11. I Can Still Dance / 12. Stars In Your Heart It flows very nice. I'm still not sure about the order of the first three songs and propably change it again when/if "new" tracks leak. I listened to the live version of Forever21 for th
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