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  1. I downloaded a huge batch of the leaks a few years ago but only started listening to this two days ago. I'm blown away by the quality! Theres a fantastic (and nearly fully produced?) album hidden in all these songs. Summer Of 99 could've been a huge hit for them.
  2. The "Good Goes The Bye" songwriter demo is also still up on Soundcloud! If you search for the title it's the first track (has a little girl as cover picture) (And Maren Morris Second Wind is technically a songwriter demo or orginal version too)
  3. I've been listening to Pure a lot lately. Amazing that you know them!
  4. I know that the No Angels planned to release that as their first single from the second album to push HearSay here in germany but when HearSays single flopped they scrapped that and the No Angels released a version of 2 Get Over U without HearSay. But it would be so good to hear their version too.
  5. Did a song called To Get Over You or 2 Get Over U leak by them? I know they recorded that with germanys first popstars band.
  6. Do you talk about the german show or are there internatial formats of this too? I've seen one episode, because a friend of mine was a participant there.
  7. Wow. Didnt expect that. I'm wondering how they will sound in 2018
  8. Yes! I loved her Joy album back then. Especially Set Me Free. What happened to her? Last thing I heard about her was when she released In Better Hands (which is also very good)
  9. I agree... I bet The Veronicas, Tinashe, CL won't be released next year. There are a lot of artist on this list, that I've even never heard of.
  10. No, these were digital only. Are these songs mentioned in the OP actually part on physical pre-ordered CDs? Thats cool!
  11. Crashing Down was even before their debut Album, i think...
  12. Kelly Clarkson had Dirty Little Secret and Not Today as pre-order bonus Songs for My December

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