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  1. schami66

    Naked Attraction

    Do you talk about the german show or are there internatial formats of this too? I've seen one episode, because a friend of mine was a participant there.
  2. schami66

    ABBA Announces New Music

    Wow. Didnt expect that. I'm wondering how they will sound in 2018
  3. schami66

    Fefe Dobson

    Yes! I loved her Joy album back then. Especially Set Me Free. What happened to her? Last thing I heard about her was when she released In Better Hands (which is also very good)
  4. schami66

    MileyCyrus - Like Madonna (Demo)

    The voice sounds like rihanna!
  5. schami66

    Albums coming in 2018

    I agree... I bet The Veronicas, Tinashe, CL won't be released next year. There are a lot of artist on this list, that I've even never heard of.
  6. schami66

    List everything of "Pre-Order Bonus Track"

    Haha, no mine are just mp3!
  7. schami66

    List everything of "Pre-Order Bonus Track"

    No, these were digital only. Are these songs mentioned in the OP actually part on physical pre-ordered CDs? Thats cool!
  8. schami66

    List of everything The Veronicas

    Crashing Down was even before their debut Album, i think...
  9. schami66

    List everything of "Pre-Order Bonus Track"

    Kelly Clarkson had Dirty Little Secret and Not Today as pre-order bonus Songs for My December
  10. schami66

    Cruel Youth Cds for sale

    Totally agree with you. I would buy it in a heartbeat. In a million years when she's a legend () these CDs will be worth more than all we'll ever earn.
  11. schami66

    Cruel Youth - +30mg Physical Concept

    And now make some CDs with this concept. I would actually buy one. Haha She said there will only be vinyls of this ep, right?
  12. schami66

    Your Favorite Artists Worst Song?

    Nooo! I love those two tracks! They gave me so much life back then. But to be honest. The Veronicas have a lot of pretty bad demos. I think an officially released song that I don't like is Leave Me Alone. It's still okay tho. When it comes to my favorite (Kelly Clarkson) I think her worst song is Einstein or Anytime. :-/
  13. schami66

    Scrapped Tracklists

    The original tracklist for Demi Lovatos Here We Go Again:
  14. schami66

    List of everything The Veronicas

    Thanks! The OP ist very good and informative. I love the veronicas!

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