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Bonnie McKee - Hot City (aka Epic Album)


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1 hour ago, zaynphallic said:

Wig! Where'd you hear this?!

While we need "Forever 21" (her best song) to get the single treatment at some point, I feel like that's a quintessential summer anthem. I think "Rewind Your Heart" would be the perfect sadgirl / sadboi fall bop.

That said, I hope we get a "Forever 21" music video alongside the album release in the spring. And another single or two in between if I'm not being too greedy. 😬

She has a texting service now.

Said she’ll be announcing new music, merch, and tour info with it.

The new single text came last night.


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If "SLAY" and "Hot City" didn't light TiKTok on fire, "Don't Get Mad" is probably her best bet to go viral (along with IWFCY). So I'd assume that's her reason for giving it the single treatment. I don't really get the impression that Bonnie cares too much for the song. 😅 Didn't she deny it's inclusion on the album for the longest time? Anyway, I hope it'll be a cute little viral moment to drum up some more interest in the rest of the tracks. It's kind of weird to be releasing it in the beginning of November when the music landscape heavily shifts to Christmas. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see if we get a video, or if this is more of a buzz single sort of thing.

In other news, in her TikTok comments she said that there are "3 more singles" coming before the album (not sure if this includes "Don't Get Mad" or not).

Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 8.26.50 AM.png 

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15 minutes ago, Ice Prince said:

Okay I accidentally stumbled upon the DGMGF snippet and she really did quite the rework?! I can't believe I'm bopping so hard to it. It has the potential to become my favourite single so far... and THREE MORE SINGLES? they better be Forever 21, Electric Heaven (or Rewind Your Heart) and I Wanna Fucking Call You. She can flesh them out very very well. Bonnie, you deserve the world queen!

I'm just so stoked we are getting this from her, honestly... more than Epic would've ever given us!

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