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Delete a Song From Your Faves Discography

Main Pop Girl

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If you had to delete one song from your all time faves discography, which would it be and why?

Mine would definitely have to be 'Jewels n' Drugs (Feat. T.I., Too $hort & Twista)'... :flush: It still baffles me that this absolute mess of a track with three flop rappers made the ARTPOP album over bops like 'PARTYNAUSEOUS' with an actual relevant rapper Kendrick Lamar, or the duet she recorded with legend Sir Elton John. :shocked:

What about you? :magic: 

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Okay I decided to do Hole since they're my favorite band of all time


then I remembered... they've never recorded a bad song.
I went through everything I have and there's nothing bad. 


then I remembered the time Courtney Love viciously attacked Madonna with her makeup

Click here to watch the iconic moment 

so I decided to do Madonna. 

shit... she has 10 perfect albums 


then Hard Candy and MDNA came along...


Hard Candy had some bops.. but MDNA??


So... I'd like to delete MDNA.
The Super Bowl performance.
The cheer-leading outfit.
The entire era.

Bless her for coming out with Rebel Heart and restoring my faith


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1 hour ago, Kesha said:

Wherever You Are / it could've been a cute ballad but dr. luke had to ruin it.

Was that song originally slow? :o I can't even imagine it as a ballad!

13 minutes ago, trashmagic said:

Britney - Body Ache

Kylie - The Real Thing

Gaga - Retro, Dance, Freak

Lana - 24/Art Deco

Rihanna - We Ride

Beyonce - Daddy


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8 hours ago, Tweener said:

"Fuckin Fucked Up" and "I'm So Drunk" intros are so necessary for MCAHDP. She could've added "Gummy" instead :magic:  

I adore those "songs"..... :flush:

Btw i would delete Guns and Roses by Lana del Rey for sure, maybe Lucky Ones too... they're still good for me but well she could have done something better! ;) 

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2 hours ago, Countess said:

Was that song originally slow? :o I can't even imagine it as a ballad!

No, I don't know but I imagined it like that when the 20 sec snippets leaked, thought it'd be my favorite from Warrior. But I was disappointed when it leaked in full.

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