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PHF Matchmaker: Pair Up Our Members

Main Pop Girl

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I feel like this is a really weird idea for a thread, but there are certain members on here who I feel like should be married but I don't think have ever even spoken to each other and idk why. :stretcher: Use this thread to post some ideas of who you think should make babies together and why, and let's see if we can find love on PHF! :magic: 

@sher179 and @Amelia Lily: Both are very open about their emotions and the traumatic experiences in their past that have shaped them as people, and both talk about how hard it is to find true love. They deserve to be together because I know each one would put just as much into the relationship as the other one would. <3  

@Dayfid and @jlnsgr: Pretty sure these two are already in a relationship, but they should take it irl and get married for real. <3 Both are cute little introverts who like helping others and rough, rough sex and I know they'd get along great together!

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2 hours ago, sher179 said:

Omg @CountessI love this idea! Lol keep pairing and messaging me y'all. I hate being lonely in the fall/winter :(. @Amelia Lilyis super cute, but he has a bf so #sadlyofflimits.

For now... :evil: 

1 hour ago, Third Eye said:

@Third Eye and @Tweener. <3<3<3 

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