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Made Up Album Thread

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14 hours ago, Moonchild said:

This version would have been perfect! Also, I liked how you arranged the track listing. Tbh, my favourites are the first 14 you listed, so I wouldn't have minded a standard version of this one instead of the whole deluxe. But it's a better planned era than what actually was launched!

Thank you! I wanted to have a flow to give a vibe to the album, giving us Sensualney to Bopney to Sexney and even though I despise Private Show, I figured I'd give it the bonus track treatment, almost did the same with Invitation but didn't know what would be a good way to open the album without it

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On 5/10/2020 at 9:36 PM, YoursTruly said:

So I sat and listened to Glory and loved so many tracks with this listen and decided to do my own version of the album along with how the roll out could have worked a little differently in the album's favor.


Yas for 'Mood Ring'! :hail: 

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Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony
Release Date: July 21, 2017
Following their People Choice performance debut as a quartet, the ladies released a statement regarding their next album and future as a group:
"We are so excited to begin a new chapter and era as a group! Our next album will be out this summer and will be self-titled; we really want to make this a special album for our fans, our Harmonizers, who have been with us on this journey since 2012. We can't wait to share the music we're starting to work on, it's going to be fun, mature, and full of our love! We've been together for these past five years and have been through so much and feel it's only right that we give you all a "farewell" album before we journey off on our own for a bit."

The 5H era began in April with the release of Angel, which had many doing a double take at the change in sound that the single offered from the group, the single became a Top 10 hit and had major interest in the "new" Fifth Harmony. With the first step of the album surpassed, the ladies promoted the single on a promo tour through April/May; two promotional singles, Feels So Right (June 16 w/album pre-order) and Make You Mad (June 30), were released prior to the album and second single, He Like That (July 14th). The 3rd single, Down, was released in September following the ladies buzzed about VMA performance, the single was a moderate success, in part due to how the track resembled Work From Home.

1. Feels So Right
2. Angel
3. Sauced Up
4. He Like That
5. Make You Mad
6. Deliver
7. Lonely Night
8. Down (feat. Gucci Mane)
9. Don't Say You Love Me
10. Messy
11. Bridges
12. Goodbye...

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 Camila Cabello - Romance
Release Date - October 18, 2019
Album Background/Info:
Following the release of the Shawn Mendes duet, Señorita, Cabello began teasing her sophomore album as "sounding like what falling in love feels like." The era would begin with the premiere performance of first single, My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, which would be released for stream/purchase on Aug. 30th, the performance begins with a 1:00 intro that sneak peeks album track, Shameless, before dropping into My Oh My. The red hot performance, along with Señorita during the show, is buzzed about and gives the single the anticipation one can hope for, the duet performance with Mendes launches their single to the #1 spot on the Hot 100, with My Oh My also charting the following week in the Top 10 at the #8 spot. Following the chart debut, Cabello releases the teaser for the music video which is released Sept. 9th along with the album title and date at the end of the music video. Album pre-order was released on Sept. 20th with two promotional singles: Liar (Sept. 20th) and Living Proof (Oct. 4th), both of which garner much buzz with how the singer is taking the idea of romance in many directions; a teaser trailer is released with Living Proof that shows many visuals, giving speculation to a visual album for Romance, which Cabello confirms as false, stating "This album means so much to me and when we began working on this era, I wanted to show what romance was through my eyes and we brought so many ideas to the label and they were on board with it. So the visuals in the trailer, which total to 5 videos, including the music videos for My Oh My and Señorita will be released upon the release of Romance."
The album's second single, Shameless, is released alongside the album on Oct. 18th, with the album being met with generally positive reviews, many stating that Cabello levels herself up as an artist without trying to advance herself too soon. Romance debuts at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 and remains within the Top 10 for 3 more weeks before trickling out slowly. Promotion for the album works it's way through the talk show circuit following release, most notably being the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, performing Shameless and Easy; the album finds life again at the 2019 American Music Awards where 3rd single, Living Proof, is performed along with the announcement for the Romance Tour, to be kicked off in May 2020. Camila is announced as a performer for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, performing Shameless/My Oh My and Living Proof. The album's last major promotion happened one month later at the 62nd Grammy Awards, with a medley performance including Living Proof, Should've Said It, and This Love.
The Romance Tour, which was set to hit the road in May of 2020, was postponed to a yet-to-be announced time frame due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; following the announcement of the postponed tour, Cabello took to social media to announce a mini project for fans in place of the tour, The World of Romance. A docu-series that would be released via YouTube in April & May showcasing the writing, recording, and making of the Romance era from Camila and her team, along with two tracks that Camila teased during her debut album.

1. Shameless
2. Living Proof
3. Should've Said It
4. Señorita (feat. Shawn Mendes)
5. My Oh My (feat. DaBaby)
6. Liar
7. Bad Kind of Butterflies
8. Easy
9. Feel It Twice
10. Dream of You
11. Cry for Me
12. This Love
13. Used to This
14. First Man
15. Must Be Love*
16. Scar Tissue*

*Released May 2020 following the postponement of the Romance Tour  due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

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