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  1. Seeing as Britney released Mood Ring onto streaming by demand, I kinda went ahead to imagine if she turned this 'By Demand' business into a whole compilation of underrated bonus tracks as a Christmas gift to her fans amidst the pandemic. I did the selection given the track must have been actually released, but not on any standard edition. She also give us a special gift the fans have been waiting for forever... Britney Spears - By Demand Release Date - November 22, 2020 Mood Ring (from Glory) Don't Hang Up (from In the Zone) Trouble (from Circus) Scary (fr
  2. Title Perfume Release date February 2014 Genre Pop, EDM Record label RCA Unfortunately, we all know how Britney Jean really turned out. I really just created this album and use it in my music library as the official album that adheres a bit more to the "personal" album that Britney promised us. I also titled it Perfume to speak to the highly female driven narrative in this album, also because the album name "Britney Jean" has been tainted to me so I needed a replacement. TLDR: This is what I imagine a personal album should have been given the tracks that had
  3. Title Rebellion Release date May 2012 Genre Dance-pop, soul-pop Record label Jive Britney's seventh LP offering 'Femme Fatale', made a huge statement and continued to prove the pop princess her rightful title. Working on her next offering was a journey while working on X-Factor, Britney realised that the album would not come for at least three years after 'Femme Fatale', and therefore decided to collate some of her unreleased projects together, creating a sound that many of the general public may not have heard from the princess herself. Focuses on a more R&B infl
  4. Title Hollywood Release date August 2016 Genre Dream pop, baroque pop Record label Interscope After the success of her third album, Honeymoon (released mid-2015), Lana Del Rey instead releases a prime selection of previously unreleased tracks the following year. All tracks have been remastered and is intended to bridge the two-year long wait between her third and fourth studio efforts. Picking deep cuts that cater more to her die-hard fans, this release may lack commercial appeal, but serves as an iconic and legendary move from the pop star. Tracklisting
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