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Regarding Recent Downtime

Main Pop Girl

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Hi everyone!

As you probably all know, we recently experienced 48 hours of downtime after our system was attacked by a DDOS program.

In case you didn't know, a DDOS attempts to send thousands of hits to a website in order for the site to crash and ultimately for the hosts servers to fail. Because of this, our host shut our site down so that no more hits could be sent to us and all their clients would remain safe.

We have spent the last two days working with our host to research the cause of this DDOS, and we believe we have banned all of the IPs that were causing all these extra hits. Unfortunately, some of these IP addresses belonged to people who have been members on the site for years. We are currently chatting with these members to see how this could have involved them and whether or not their participation was intentional.

At the same time, we have been chatting to many of our members over social media and Skype who believe that they have information about who may have set this program up. We are still looking into the situation and invite anyone with concerns or information to private message me here. Sadly (although predictably), the entire issue may have stemmed from drama concerning leaks, especially those concerning Allie X songs. It appears that there is a certain user who is hacking Allie's personal e-mails in order to obtain songs and then trading them to others. They will then report those users to Allie's team and watch the drama unfurl. We believe it was the same person who did this who has sent us the DDOS as they were frustrated over songs leaking. As such, we would not recommend trading any Allie songs on this website or anywhere in the future.

When you log in, you may also see a private message from a user called @tellmebabe. This user has been spamming our members with a message regarding @Awesome leaking songs on Tumblr. We are unsure if this is connected to the DDOS or not. Again, if you have any information on this, please inform me using the private message system.

As a result of this attack, PHF Apprentice will have some changes made to it's schedule. Please stay tuned to the official PHF Apprentice thread over the next few hours for information on this!

And finally, thank you all for your continued support of PHF. The last two days have been very stressful as we have tried to get to the root of this issue and as we have waited for our host to respond to our many support enquiries. It has meant the world to me to see so many supportive messages on our Twitter timeline, in our DMs and over Skype. Thank you to each and every one of you who continues to visit PHF and who makes the community what it is today. We couldn't do it without you!

Enjoy your time here on PHF!

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...And we're back! Again! Hopefully this time it will stick.

I wish I had some amazing dramatic reason for why we disappeared a second time, but really it was just our host (@DreamHostCare, if you wanna annoy them) being super disorganised and unhelpful. Believe me when I say that as soon as I get my twelve month contract with them done then I'll be looking for another host. :vacuum:
Thank you again for all sticking with us for so long and for sending DreamHost irritating and/or threatening messages. Your threats to storm their offices with pistols meant the world to us. <3 Hopefully we'll stay up this time! I can't wait to chat to you all again! <3 

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7 hours ago, Charlie91xo said:

Glad you're back.

I know I said to you before, but I just checked, and it was tellmebabe who messaged me minutes before the site crashed so I would assume it was related

Yeah, I noticed that too. :/ I banned that user, which is annoying because I hate banning people, so hopefully they won't come back. ;) 

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On 3/2/2016 at 4:13 PM, Baby V Alex said:

I reply this thread when we had a brief comeback with a beautiful post of me quoting the message a dragged tellmebabe with

Please recreate it, I missed it when the site went down and I love getting compliments. :'( 

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