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Bonnie Mckee (Being traded)


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Here's a list of Bonnie tracks being traded atm:


Purple Means "Circulating"

Red Means "Being Hoarded"


- Always On My Mind (Unreleased)

- Rules Of Attraction (Unreleased)

- I Can [Totally] Do This (Unreleased)

- I Get What I Want (Unreleased)


[Please tell me if there are any more, i will add them]


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14 hours ago, Higher said:

Does she have any other songs like Love Spell or the Without You demo? 

If you like the vibe of Love Spell, you should check out her first album which is mostly acoustic "Trouble". From unreleased you might like Stars In Your Heart and To Find You (which sounds really close to Without You!). Also from her ep, "Easy" sounds mostly like her old tracks :) If you have more questions about Bonnie, feel free to ask! I'm such a big fan of her <3 

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