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Jimmy Gnecco

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Lady Gaga and I threw you this great birthday party


Lana will be making a guest apperance!!!

Okay I'm done with that lol. I've been somewhat with phf since the tumblr, then to forum but we really became friends when we started talking on skype and honestly you're awesome and one of the best administrators in the entire world lol. There's a couple times tho that I've been like this towards the forum [img width=500 height=300] tumblr_inline_mlqpa4UoCr1qz4rgp_zpsd3857

[img width=500 height=275] tumblr_mj8xq1PnPz1ql5yr7o1_500_zpsf99112

( the #1perez day )

But overall you've made a fantastic place and you're the best! I hope everyone says their nice things about you now and you get all embarrassed about it because of me

[img width=386 height=291] tumblr_inline_mkqm5tAx301qkil9f_zpsdcacc

Anyway Happy Birthday Jump Rope Queen! and i'm done rambling ( sorry about being all over the place lol)

[img width=500 height=214] tumblr_m82v1vbLw21rogl95o1_500_zpsa349c7

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