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  1. Tradelist!

  2. Don't make another Las Vegas thread incident happen
  3. That's literally what consent is...
  4. The things I've read from her stans is disgusting, I'm not saying they should immediately believe the victim but attacking them and calling them an "attention whore" is just wrong. Also, a lot of people are pulling the "a woman can't rape" bullshit
  5. Please note that when I'm only saying accused is because of course, we don't know what's real and what is not, in no way am I saying it's fake but I just needed to put it out there for the sake of both sides in posting this.
  6. The begging thread (please leak....)

    leak unreleased ariana or trade unreleased ariana with me or something along the lines pls i'm desperate
  7. Ahh, that makes sense why it was only WAU was nominated and not the album I like Beauty and The Beast but I had my hopes up more because of the orchestral version that was teased in an advert before the release of the song, but it turned out it was an edit from the editors and the "orchestral" version doesn't exist. I hope she gets some recognition for Manchester though, maybe not an award but just a mention or something along the lines. What she did with the benefit concert was something so big and amazing and it deserves credit.
  8. I'm kinda disappointed in the nominees this year but understandable that Ariana didn't get nominated with her not having much work out this year compared to everyone else (I was really rooting for her to get nominated for Somewhere Over The Rainbow however) I do think Demi deserved, Miley as well but maybe in the country categories for Younger Now (album) Kesha and Pink deserve them nominations + so much more and are the ones I'm going to be rooting for next year
  9. You all better appreciate this thread, been hand typing this since nominations came out for it to glitch out and wipe everything after 40 minutes for me then to copy and paste and spend an hour sorting it all out
  10. Lindsey Stirling

    Not that anyone else cares but DWTS finished last night and i'M PRESSED. How in the world is it fair for a professional dancer with years of experience to be and win the show I'm First Normani, now Lindsey Anyway here's Lindsey and Mark's dance from Monday which I can't stop watching and can't stop thinking about
  11. It was messy from what I heard about it, waste of money and all that stuff. They shouldn't have even done a vote on this, it's one of those things that should give an immediate pass. I definitely think they'll make it legal now, they'd be stupid not too and if they don't they will face massive backlash for it until they do so. Fingers crossed!
  12. Lindsey Stirling

    Yesss!!! I'm so glad some people know her here! I honestly love her and hope she grows in success and does more collaborations with bigger known people (would die for an Ariana x Lindsey collab, would honestly be the best thing) I don't suppose anyone here is watching DWTS either? Not just for Lindsey but just in general. Hope she wins but can tell it's rigged for Lindsay and Jordan

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