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  1. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Even if fans have pre-ordered the album and it leaks, it still hurts the album massively. What about the GP? The planned promo? Surprise drops/buzz singles etc? An album leak hurts the era/person/sales massively, which I'm sure already happened with Dancing.
  2. What an angel, my heart proper breaks for her as I can't imagine the fear she has been feeling.
  3. HERE I AM

    Girls Aloud and Little Mix? Welcome! Hope to see you floating about on here (:
  4. Such a scary and messy situation on what could have been, it's actually giving me flashbacks to reading about Christina Grimmie's death which was done by a crazy fan at a M&G.
  5. The final 10 dates of the tour have been cancelled I feel bad for the people who had tickets and was looking forward to the show, she announces the shows, then she postpones half them, then she releases the new dates for everyone to work out, then she cancels 10 of them. I know it isn't her fault whatsoever but the situation is a bit messy and If this was me then I'd be a bit annoyed right now.
  6. How Can PHF Be Improved?

    Ah don't worry about it the , I'd rather still have access and be able to update and edit it rather than loose access just so it's in the right place. Thankd anyway
  7. How Can PHF Be Improved?

    Mess I didn't even know it was a thing, have noticed masterposts outside it hence assuming there was none. Don't suppose you can move my Ariana masterpost from Jukebox to over Collections and maybe the other recent loose ones so it's all in the place it should be? If not it's okay, I would've put it in there had I known it existed
  8. Official PHF Discord Server

    Thank you again for taking my idea on board, hopefully, it doesn't flop otherwise that'll be a bit awkward
  9. How Can PHF Be Improved?

    Any possibility of a 'masterpost' section for all the masterpost threads? Might be easier to have them all in the one area and easier to find/navigate and use etc
  10. Fave song off Camila?

    Something's Gotta Give has to be my favourite at the minute it as it really hits me in the feels
  11. Ariana Grande - Masterpost

    I have finished adding in the music videos and live covers which now makes me believe I have added everything! If I have missed an unreleased song or something along the lines then please feel free to say so I can add it in. I have had a double check through everything to make sure I've not forgotten something (even the live covers which was hell to sort) but knowing me I've probably missed something. I'll, of course, update the list with any new things that come out as well as any leaks that may surface in the foreseeable future. I hope this has become of use to someone, and if not, it has been fun to do and discover a few things that even I didn't know existed
  12. Ariana Grande - Masterpost

    Anywho on that note, if you've not got anything helpful or useful to contribute or say, please don't
  13. Ariana Grande - Masterpost

    Because a masterpost is for things that are onliine and that have leaked Why would I add things that I have that haven't leaked?
  14. Ariana Grande - Masterpost

    Of unreleased Ariana stuff? You wish it was all I had

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