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  1. Hi

    well hello to you too.
  2. hEllo

    you actually sound like a such a cupcake wyd but hi, glad you joined the forum as as i said you'd get along w/ people and that. even though you're not, don't be problematic pls x
  3. good revenge ideas?

    I don't think you caught my sarcasm.... (B) so it was you who got scammed and not a friend?
  4. good revenge ideas?

    That sure told them!!
  5. hope everyone's having a good day today <3 

    1. Countess


      Sending all my love your way Ari! <3


  6. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    for starters, that is utter bollocks considering I was nice to you at the start despite you telling me everyone doesn't like you on this forum, it all changed when you hammered into me for no reason then I realised your true colours and bit back You literally just said on page 2 that you lied to get what you wanted. Don't like the users here and hate this whole forum? Then leave.
  7. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    and what about all the bullying you've done? the discrimination against someone's religion? all the harassment you've given people? the thing is pal, you say you want to be treated with respect, yet you treat everyone on here like dirt on a shoe? then 5 minutes later you're all up everyone's arse playing the victim card threatening legal action over what? someone posting your IP address which actually, nobody did, the only thing that has been said over IP is the fact that you and a new account have the same IP as checked by someone who has the permissions to do so. you scam people, you discriminate people and you're also a massive cunt to everybody. if you want respect, then don't be that. but it's too late you've dug your own grave, so you have to lie in it.
  8. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    oh, I don't care if it is, I'm just saying it's massively ironic you're saying that since you harras 3/4 of the users on this forum over unreleased songs despite them saying no
  9. How Can PHF Be Improved?

    Would there ever be a possibility of custom background covers for the top of the site? I know you were looking for more covers to add but I just thought about this. It would add more customizability for people and for them to make it there own based around themselves and who they are interested in.
  10. I would have said the same thing if it was a joke about this, Manchester, 9/11, Syrian children, anything. People have died and not voluntarily, lives and families are ruined because of it. This and any other situation isn't something that should be taken the piss out of, let alone not even 24 hours after it happening with the death toll still going up. I don't care if it makes me come across as a 'cupcake' or someone who can't take a joke, it's a serious thing that's happened and trying to poke fun at it and that they deserved to die because of the concert they attended is disgusting. And also in reply to your question, yes, I actually do know someone who was there who's thankfully safe. but even if I didn't, I would have still said the same thing to you or any other person who tried to poke a joke at this situation.
  11. Rock Legend Tom Petty Dead at 66

    Apparently, he's not dead and just hospitalised after a cardiac arrest. Would hate to be the person who made this big slip up.
  12. It's 2017 and fake news is becoming the new norm, as is lsls claiming responsibility for everything. Don't believe everything you've read unless it's coming from the horse's mouth.
  13. If you actually made a joke about this situation, I would have lost all respect towards you as a user and a person. Lots of people died, this isn't a laughing matter no matter who was headlining the concert.

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