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  1. Ari

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    Sweetener is OUT NOW Expect a detailed breakdown review/opinion on each and every single song from me tomorrow!
  2. Ari

    Singles/Albums Releases

    Not everyone has access to it, not everyone prefers it, songs aren't just needed to listen, people may use them for mashups etc. Regradless, a lot of people asks for MP3 rips/FLACs on here, whether it's useful or not, s/he is doing no harm (for once)
  3. Ari

    Singles/Albums Releases

    Don't know what's so wrong, the user is a mess but this idea is great as not everyone buys/streams music.
  4. Ari

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    She technically did one last year with Seth McFarlane for the Apple Music show, it was good but of course, the one with James Corden is the best one (not to mention it's free and the locals eat it up)
  5. Ari

    Music Trading Thread

    You all should see the other pictures from that shoot
  6. Ari

    Latest leaks

    Because the joke is overused by you and everyone else, it's like we get it... your fav has barely any views and needs to afford that meal for tonight.
  7. Ari

    Latest leaks

    Salty over a fake leak over an album that I've been vocal that I don't want to leak?
  8. Ari

    Music Trading Thread

    There you all go X
  9. Ari

    Lady Gaga - LG6

    Don't we all! I have a feeling she may throw in the odd 1 or 2 songs but the gap from February to May is when the LG6 era is going to go into swing for her return in May to have new sets/songs etc. Knowing how big this residency can be as well as how big Gaga is, I really hope she doesn't disappoint as it has big potential.
  10. Ari

    Latest leaks

    That stopped becoming funny the 4th or 5th time you did it
  11. Ari

    Music Trading Thread

    Just a little heads up, I have never (nor ever will) comment on any chatbox on Xclusive Jams. Whoever is pretending to be 'Ari' and is begging everyone for a Kesha leak (at least you got taste!) is clearly on here considering they've been mentioning the forum several times as well as trading. Don't really care who it is and why they're doing, just giving this as a heads up to everyone else for future reference x

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