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  1. While I understand why anyone with downvotes might get slightly peeved, the number of up or down votes doesn't determine your value to the forum. You could have a negative aggregate total or a positive aggregate total in the thousands, so long as you're contributing to the forum in a way that's spreading the love of music and the love of artists, you're appreciated. Also remember, bad publicity is still publicity. Someone's taking time out of their day to think about you and react to you over the internet. đź‘Ź
  2. For all 1 of you who knows the currently LA-based Novi, she's teamed up with Tyler Blackburn for a second time. This time around, she's gone with a power-ballad featuring Tyler on the first verse. tbh, I would love to hear solo versions from each of them, but this collaboration is so well crafted for two relatively unknown musicians. If you haven't had a chance, their first collaboration, "Long Day", was an amazing slow to mid-tempo electronic-pop song featuring Tyler over the second verse.
  3. They're basically reinventing television channels merged with on-demand. If you think about it, in maybe 7-10 years from now, we'll look back and wonder how we ever dealt with all this shit. I would expect all of this to be settled...like having shows beamed directly into our heads.
  4. Weren't we supposed to get S.L.A.Y. in like 2013? A baby was born and can now walk, talk, eat solid foods, and pretty soon will begin college prep and the song still hasn't come out.
  5. I'm here for the Falcon/Winter Soldier team up...but I don't want to pay for yet another streaming service...
  6. I'm glad she's been able to bounce back at least for a few years and enjoy her career back on the rise. She deserves this time off and I hope she's able to be there for her father!
  7. Next on the chopping block: Dr. Luke Becky G G.R.L. Kesha
  8. I've had this idea swimming around in my head for quite some time. I wanted to call out specifically RedOne, but I realized all producers probably go through this. This is basically a thread where we can discuss some big producers who signed and worked with individuals that showed some big potential, but then fell flat either with the hit they were hoping would sell (IE: Porcelain Black) or the aftermath of an album release (IE: Nicki's pop career). RedOne Akon (pre/post Stadium era) Cher Cher Lloyd Esmée Denters Far East Movement Havana Brown He
  9. This is a great idea! If possible, I would love to see something like Song Title: "You & Me" Claimed to be: Britney Spears || Actually by: Myah Marie I would love to see who people are wrongfully attributing songs to.
  10. I swear I thought this was drunk text for Kylie Minogue.
  11. You and my dog are almost the same age!
  12. I assume @Skinny Legend celebrates two birthdays a year.
  13. How the eff has Livvi Franc's demo for Overdose (Ciara) not leaked yet? It was teased like 3 years ago.
  14. I can't wait to read all about it in Lance's inevitable up-coming tell all book!
  15. When will Lance Bass talk about his sexual experiences with JT???
  16. You might be right, it just seems a little lazy for Taylor. I know 2012 Taylor wasn't a lyrical goddess, but I would think she's better than putting in random adlibs. Listening to it though, I totally hear oooo ayyyyy oh oh.
  17. 2012 Taylor begs to differ.
  18. I'm not sure that would fit with the theme of the song. I keep hearing "hooray, hooray, hooray, your love" as to profess her excitement and love to the subject of the song. My theory.
  19. There's one very specific repeated background word that I can't figure out from Taylor Swift - Holy Ground @1:45. "something something your love"
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