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  1. Please god, let these two stay and become active members of this forum to balance out the half I'm ignoring.
  2. I tried not to resort to this, but finally added someone to my Ignore list for the first time. Thank you @Skinny Legend for this option. Simply amazing. Is there a full on block mode where my posts also won't be visible to my Ignore list?

    1. Whoknowsmehere


      @Skinny Legend is there a difference between ignoring someone and blocking them?  I only have an option to ignore, not block

    2. Skinny Legend
    3. Whoknowsmehere


      @Skinny Legend thanks for the clarification.  I've used it a few times.  Especially during the Great Down Vote War. 

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  3. This whole thing is just so sad. She was so talented and based on interviews, seemed as though she was well-liked by her co-stars. I felt like she carried Glee when everyone else was ready to give up. I actually finished that show, and I would pretty much only watch for her storyline. Prayers go out to her family during this time.
  4. I'm ready for anything by her at this point. Old songs, new songs, more lies, anything.
  5. Wait, I haven't followed closely. Did she post Worldwide, Spirit of Love, Whole World to Wait and Alive?
  6. Wow, she actually came through. All right all right, I'll send a vote.
  7. I'll hold my vote until she's 1 away from winning. lmfao
  8. I'd be surprised if she cracks top 5, but I'm sure all 8 of her fans will vote every month until the end of this competition.
  9. Whoa, Greyson looks so different.
  10. This leaked a few months back right? Or is this a different demo?
  11. Going back to this album, I'm sure people have asked her about this album/era in recent years. Does anyone know what her responses have been?
  12. I hope she doesn't have a Britney moment. Lash out a little, get it out, and then rebalance Lana!
  13. lmfao I was just gonna ask, is she okay? Maybe she has cabin fever...
  14. "when in reality, I'm just a glamorous person" is going to be my response to any hate moving forward.
  15. Someone tell me what happened to this group. While I hate that they're profiting off unreleased material, if it helps them get more, then by all means.
  16. Cypher

    Ne-Yo Demos

    tbh the only one that matters.
  17. So I love that this song leaked, but wholly crap. If her album was gonna sound like this, I'm glad they shelved the album.
  18. Cypher

    bye bye

    These are the ones I can remember. Aimée Proal - Save You Ali Tamposi - Stronger Aranda - All I Ever Wanted Aranda - Whyyawannabringmedown Avril Lavigne - Breakaway Claude - Don't Let Me Stop You Katy Perry - I Do Not Hook Up Katy Perry - Long Shot Meghan Kabir - People Like Us Samantha Moore - Breakaway
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