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  1. I'm late but oh well The title track is actually a cute song and so is the choreo, it just sounds a lot like "Heart Shaker" in my opinion. My ranking of the mini-album is What Is Love? = Ho! > Sweet Talker > Dejavu > Say Yes
  2. Yesss queen Chuu as your icon :yaskween: 

  3. What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

    One of Camila's managers has said that both tracks are being worked on for release. I guess it's just a matter of time now.
  4. Hi

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. #NoStoppingMeProject

    This sounds like a good idea, have you tried sharing this on other socials like Twitter (or other pop forums)?
  6. I know most people on this forum don't listen to them, but when I say I'm excited it's an understatement I'm assuming "Euphoria" is either the lead single/buzz single before release. Love Yourself: Wonder is the next album title I'm pretty sure Also OT7 with black hair, this feels like a dream. There are no words I also love the long music video, it reminds me of the "Run" music video which is also several minutes long. Can't wait for the new era and BTS Festa coming soon after as well!
  7. Hi

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you stick around
  8. Taeyeon remains skinny and talented even though her group is dead
  9. Will your fave be relevant in 20 years?

    Loona will be remembered as the skinniest girlgroup in history.
  10. Me too honestly, the Eden unit will most likely be my favorite so far with Yves and Chuu both being one of my biases, and they have some of the best solo songs (Girl's Talk, New, Egoist, Rosy, Heart Attack)
  11. Most Iconic FLOP albums

    Presenting CLC's best EP's- CRYSTYLE and BLACK DRESS that both deserved better I don't know why their company keeps giving them different concepts for each comeback (which might be the reason Korea is sleeping on them), but both serve bops; like how Crystyle has "Liar", "Hobgoblin" and "Meow Meow" and Black Dress has the bop "Black Dress" along with "Like That" and "7th". Either way, I hope their next comeback will have a similar concept to Crystyle as that was my favorite and hopefully they'll get more attention for their music and get their first win.
  12. Most Iconic FLOP albums

    I'm here for a J-pop thread I haven't gotten much into that genre other than Kyary of course, Perfume and Kobasolo and maybe TWICE's Japanese songs () but I love exploring genres and listening to new music either way
  13. Olivia really served one of the best music videos/songs/albums of loona I can't believe this 16 yr old saved the k-pop industry
  14. Cat Valentine or Ariana Grande?

    Ariana the melanin legend herself obviously
  15. Olivia Hye debut and now TWICE's music is on Spotify, I'm not worthy :fishie::fishie::fishie:

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