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  1. Fix the Era

    Girl this is a whole ass mess, it seems like you're making her messy era even worse. Havana was (and still is) a huge hit and Never Be the Same hasn't hit top 10 yet-- Inside Out is the least streamed track from the album & was already set for release but got scrapped. Adding OMG and Bad Things is stupid, one is a collab and the other was a promo single that people don't really care for. Crying In the Club tanked and was part of the THTHTL concept which is why she left it out. Well I Have Questions is one of her best but I don't understand how you'd want music she's already released on her debut album instead of new music especially when there's only 11 tracks, though She Loves Control is a great idea for a single because it's the most streamed non-single from the album so far!
  2. Fix the Era

    Everyday is trash and Sometimes is a cute song but it doesn't fit the theme at all, I want sis to deliver a cohesive album for once
  3. Fix the Era

    I'm loving your interesting topics lately sis Mine: Dangerous Woman / AG3 Focus: delete the messy chorus, different lyrics Be Alright: promo single 1st single: Dangerous Woman + a better music video 2nd single: Side to Side 3rd single: Into You 4th single: Greedy + music video ctrl + alt + delete: Moonlight, Everyday, Bad Decisions, Sometimes (atleast from the album) and replace with cooperative, more mature songs that fit the "Dangerous Woman" theme, darker and heavier songs in my opinion, the Dangerous Woman era was underwhelming compared to Ariana's other erass due to all the messy and rushed promo (if any), her firing Scooter and then him getting back again. I would also implement the bunny ears in a way as a stage outfit on the DWT instead of that ugly garbage dress she wears at the end during Dangerous Woman. I'd have interviews and talk shows etc. leading up to the release date and during the first week of release, and a week after. As a bonus I'd also fire Eric Vetro and get her an actually good vocal coach so she can improve her technique and stop her vocal decline
  4. Currently Listening To..

    Me too, I need that new subsection and official debut so they don't keep flopping with their album sales
  5. Currently Listening To..

    Girl I already stan LOONA! We can't wait for the 12th member release and official debut
  6. Currently Listening To..

    Red Velvet - Bad Boy
  7. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Imagine wanting your fave's album to leak that could ruin the entire era, sales and overall career of that person
  8. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Think they said what they said because a leak affects Kylie's overall sales, even if you did pay for it, other people are going to find the leak and not end up paying or streaming the album
  9. Conspiracy theory thread

    - Project MK Ultra was never abandoned and is still being used on celebrities to control their minds, appeal and life. A new microchip gets implanted every 10 years. - The iconic theory that Avril Lavigne commited suicide after the death of her grandfather and was replaced by her look-a-like Melissa because her label didn't want to drop her fame. - Instagram models are all part of a prostitution sex ring for celebs, government officials, royal family etc.. - We're all part of a stimulation of humans in the future and nothing is real. I'm way too invested in some of these theories, they all sound crazy but what do y'all think?
  10. Has the media turned on your fave?

    Ariana Grande during My Everything era the media blew #that situation out of proportion and all the white Amerikkkans decided to hate her because of it and believed the obvious fake rumors made up about Ariana hating her fans
  11. Introduction

    Welcome to the forum James, have a great time
  12. HERE I AM

    I just saw that I haven't replied yet so welcome to PHF! I hope you enjoy it here and have a good time and don't leave within 2 days
  13. What Is Your Favourite Song From "reputation" ?

    I Did Something bad used to be my absolute fave but since that aged like milk I'd say Delicate, End Game & DWOHT are my top 3 at the moment, but it changes a lot
  14. if I was an EXOL I'd be going wild right now but oh well

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