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  1. blackglitter

    Latest leaks

    can somebody please reupload these?
  2. blackglitter

    Lindsay Lohan Defends Harvey Weinstein

    smh she just shared her story, not accused those women of lying
  3. blackglitter

    Kevin Spacey Comes Out As Gay After Being Accused of Sexual Assault

    OMG WHAT NO since he's my favourite actor, i hope these accusations are fake btw i always thought he's gay. you can see in his movies, there's a real chemistry between him and his on-screen partners
  4. blackglitter

    Tove Lo - Masterpost

    can you re-upload please? @Goddess
  5. blackglitter

    Lana del rey : Lust for life

    a little late but i wanted to say what i think its good, still its not even close to her first album but i think she really improved her lyrical game from what it was in honeymoon era. cherry and lust for life give me btd vbes. heroin feels like it belongs to ultraviolence era. groupie love is sorta like paradise outtakes. i'm pleased with this album but i wish she would have worked a little harder and released it a few months later cause her best songs are the ones she spends much time on tbh i don't know if i would like L4L so much if i haven't heard some songs live speaking in general BTD>UV=L4L>>>HM
  6. blackglitter

    P!nk Takes Side in Taylor vs. Katy Feud

    katy and tay both are salty bitches, take a look at katy's old tweets where she shaded sky ferreira and said her songs are popular only because she's fucking DJs they deserve each other
  7. blackglitter

    Allie X Megapost

    allie posted a new demo of 'paper love'
  8. blackglitter

    gaga uncensored

    @Whoknowsmehere yaaass, thank you
  9. blackglitter

    gaga uncensored

    can anybody give me uncensored versions of 'bad romance', 'dance in the dark' and 'monster' in good quality? thanks
  10. blackglitter

    What are your favorite albums of 2017 so far?

    halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom allie x - collxtion II hey violet - from the outside lorde - melodrama
  11. blackglitter

    Latest leaks

    YAAAAAAASSSSSS god i need full version
  12. blackglitter

    Some Of My Covers

    fuck this one's scary
  13. blackglitter

    Just Call - Bella Thorne & Prince Fox (UPDATED THREAD)

    i thought her career died few months ago
  14. blackglitter

    Hi everyone!

    hello, hope you'll like it here ^-^
  15. blackglitter

    Anyone want to judge my voice?

    post it again please:(((

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