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  1. you're missing "too close" and "crazy" from the voice era
  2. https://picosong.com/wAKs6/ is this the full version?
  3. smh she just shared her story, not accused those women of lying
  4. OMG WHAT NO since he's my favourite actor, i hope these accusations are fake btw i always thought he's gay. you can see in his movies, there's a real chemistry between him and his on-screen partners
  5. katy and tay both are salty bitches, take a look at katy's old tweets where she shaded sky ferreira and said her songs are popular only because she's fucking DJs they deserve each other
  6. allie posted a new demo of 'paper love'
  7. halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom allie x - collxtion II hey violet - from the outside lorde - melodrama
  8. chained to the rythm and into you are my faves also you're missing this
  9. i don't like your works but it is only my opinion, that doesn't mean they're unprofessional. keep working ?
  10. actually ashley started a youtube channel and she's done many stunning covers and interesting videos, subscribe now honey
  11. "gay soldiers were weakening the country's military" well hasn't he heard about sparta?
  12. gumball, we bare bears, adventure time, kim possible, w.i.t.c.h., american dragon jake long, gravity falls
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