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  1. NamiraWilhelm

    Your Favorite Artists Worst Song?

    I like it it's an incredibly beautiful song (certainly better than her attempt at writing a song about the 'other woman' I really want her to cover Be My Husband next Which would have suited honeymoon better than DLMBM.... I totally agree on guns and roses though... 24 is nice for a bond theme but utterly random on the album...
  2. NamiraWilhelm

    Video Games

    Oh yes, every game should have a canine companion I was totally into Paladin Dense, especially in a tuxedo, but then I spoke with him more. I think Hancock is probably the most desirable male romance option, but yeah, zombie face Ohhh it's so good though! And we have the third season coming this year so you ought to catch up!! I love following Clementine, though still grieving for Lee
  3. NamiraWilhelm

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Then keep it to yourself or it'll be bad for your health!
  4. NamiraWilhelm

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Hoarding is unrewarding!
  5. NamiraWilhelm

    Currently Listening To..

    All these awesome snippets while I organise them ^^
  6. NamiraWilhelm

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Just leak everything. Sharing is caring!
  7. NamiraWilhelm

    American Horror Story - Season 6 (Sept. 14)

    Jesus I read that as 'Croatian alien babies' ><
  8. NamiraWilhelm

    American Horror Story - Season 6 (Sept. 14)

    Do we know the theme yet?
  9. NamiraWilhelm

    Currently Listening To..

    Borns Yes I admit because Lana posting it. But I'm so glad she did, his heavenly voice and beautiful lyrics! Now to hunt down everything he's done...
  10. NamiraWilhelm

    Album Instrumentals Artworks

    thank you
  11. NamiraWilhelm

    Is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard drama over?

    I don't have ill will. I'm very much 'innocent until proven guilty'. He was unstable in the video but she wasn't harmed. Emotional abuse/arguing is tough to deal with too, but she's likely guilty in that as much as him. Trying to prove assault is very difficult and it's difficult to come forward and be open about it, but that also gets abused a great deal. So yeah, he's still a beloved actor until more definitive prove of this supposed cruel side comes out.
  12. NamiraWilhelm

    Album Instrumentals Artworks

    so many beautiful covers! Might steal birdy ellie and florences covers ^^
  13. NamiraWilhelm

    Tomb Raider Appreciation

    I play games for story only, so I often choose the easier modes to play in. But yeah, tomb raider can still be hard >< doesn't help that I'm a coward and I jump out of my skin very easily
  14. NamiraWilhelm

    Video Games

    Spyro was my jam when I was a baby But look at him now with his skylander nonsense ><
  15. NamiraWilhelm

    Struggles With Depression

    Yeah i agree. But then the government makes it worthwhile to fake illness here. Everyone's sadness is valid, and often you can't claw your way out. But I do think depression is something every human goes through, I struggle to deal with the special snowflakes I know that claim I don't understand. I honestly don't know a single person that hasn't succumbed to depression at some point in their lives. Depression and social anxiety disorder here btw. The human brain is a horribly defective thing.

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