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  1. Impossible Ryan

    Currently Listening To..

    Yaasss it's my fave album from her!
  2. Impossible Ryan

    Currently Listening To..

    Kylie - Drunk
  3. I can relate on a personal level
  4. Impossible Ryan

    Struggles With Depression

    @Tweener thanks, I really appreciate that
  5. Impossible Ryan

    Struggles With Depression

    I usually never comment on stuff like this but I just have a shitty life rn. I mean in reality my life isn't that bad compared to a lot of people but I'm just stuck in life and I'm still so hurt from so many things and I just constantly dwell on it because I'm either at work or at home. I have no life. And I'm just so sad. But I try to mask it and it just doesn't work.
  6. Impossible Ryan

    Your Favorite Artists Worst Song?

    Rhythm of Love and Let's Get To It are great albums tho Rhythm of Love song>>>> Things Can Only Get Better>>>> Too much of a Good Thing>>>> Live and Learn>>>> I Guess I Like It Like That>>>> You should listen to those holy bops again lol
  7. Impossible Ryan

    Your Favorite Artists Worst Song?

    Britney - half the BOMT album Madonna - Dear Jessie Kylie - Almost all of her first 2 albums
  8. Impossible Ryan

    Britney's Album Might Be Released 8-26

    Oops lol the site I originally read this from said it was a Tuesday lol Idk what's going on with the video because the other day in her radio interview she gave a different storyline for the video than from what has leaked so people think she reshot it
  9. Impossible Ryan

    Britney's Album Might Be Released 8-26

    According to BG, a really reliable Britney site, the album is gonna go on pre-order tonight and she's gonna announce it on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Then the album getting released on Friday, August 26 http://britney-galaxy.com/britney-spears-will-be-on-jimmy-kimmel-tonight-plus-more-b9/
  10. Impossible Ryan

    is age a big deal?

    This is the one of the messiest threads I've ever seen
  11. Impossible Ryan

    Fuck, Marry, Slay: PHF Edition

    Fuck the police, marry, getting down with 3p, slay my vagina
  12. Impossible Ryan

    Official Evanescence Thread

    Even though I'm all about pop, Evanescence is my shit lol I love their albums and their demos. The Origin album SLAYS me. Understanding was my fave song from them.
  13. Impossible Ryan

    Britney Spears - Make Me [The longest footage]

    Supposedly Britney doesn't like it. The leaked snippet in the OP is supposedly the "plain edit" which just has the dancing and stuff, not story, no naked Britney, not killing ex, etc. I guess Britney wants the plain edit released. Also, the video isn't way over schedule because I guess the song was released early because of leaks. And it's only been 2 weeks since it was released lol
  14. Impossible Ryan

    American Horror Story - Season 6 (Sept. 14)

    My bussy is so ready for AHS6 and Scream Queens
  15. Impossible Ryan

    Pokemon Go

    I did Pyro for Flareon cuz it's my favorite and it made me pop my pussy severely

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