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Voting for the 2018 PHF Rewind Awards has now opened! Let your shady little voice be heard and make sure to submit your entries before the 30th of January.

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  1. Skinny Legend

    Happy Birthday To...

    @Tweener! Happy birthday to one of the OG members on PHF and one of the most well-loved members we've ever had! Even though @Tweener and I aren't as close as we once were, I still have a special place in my heart for him and I know he's a big reason why PHF is what it is today. Baby, I hope you have a great day filled with some good friends, good presents, good food and even better dick! I hope you enjoy middle school this year as much as you liked elementary school!
  2. Skinny Legend

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    Welcome to the 2018 PHF Rewind Awards! The PHF Rewind Awards are a series of awards ceremonies that we held from 2012 - 2016! While the awards took a hiatus for 2017, we thought 2018 would be a great time for them to make their (slightly delayed) comeback. We've kept all of your favourite categories from the last ceremony and the rules will be the same! As per usual, all voting will be done by you, and you can choose from any option you like so there's nothing holding you back. However, you can only vote for one option per category and you may not vote for yourself in any category. Voting will end on January the 30th so start your campaign now to make sure you get the award you want! #SkinnyLegend4HeadFag To vote, simply scroll down this page or click here and make sure to fill out all fields. See you back here on the 30th for the announcement of the winners! Loading...
  3. Skinny Legend

    Gossip Girl Reboot In The Works?

    I don't think I've ever actually watched it properly all the way through, I've just watched an episode here and there out of order for the most part! Is it worth watching in one go? Yes.
  4. Skinny Legend

    Gossip Girl Reboot In The Works?

    Not 100% sure this is a reliable source (the gossipy moment at the end seems to imply it's not) but I'd be totally here for this! Sadly I can't actually see the main cast members coming back...Blake is busy being a mum, Leighton is more focused on indie films and music and I don't think Penn was ever really interested in the show. Fingers crossed though!
  5. Skinny Legend

    Ariana Grande

    Interesting! I have to say there's something about Naya's tell all book which seems a little disingenuous, but she doesn't seem like a liar so I guess I believe her. I always knew Ari was a snake... 🐍
  6. Skinny Legend

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    There's no need to get upset. The reason I didn't think of you and @Music XXclusives off the bat is because you both joined in early 2018 and I honestly thought you'd been with us a lot longer than just the one year. Your comment about me disliking new members is also waaay off base. If anything I'm normally the only one who posts in the topics they make in the Welcome Centre while (like you said) a lot of the more established members don't go out of their way to make them feel welcome. The only reason I disliked your posts when you first joined is because you were posting one word responses such as: It was pretty clear you were just making those posts to up your post rate for whatever reason and I honestly didn't think you'd stick around for longer than a month. Congrats on proving me wrong I guess!
  7. I'm sorry, but your fave could literally NEVER!


    1. liberation


      Thank God! :cackle: She can keep that jazz mess to herself

    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      @liberation 'Ain't No Other Man' is shaking! :vacuum: 

    3. Speedy


      Tony Ended her stop blaming Artflop..bye

  8. so i was just looking through the photos on my phone and i noticed all these cute photos i forgot i'd taken! i thought i'd upload them for you guys to see, so feel free to upload your own as well! ~~~indie flower~~~ mai chrizmas trees delishus xD xD xD [img width=650 height=866] we have spiders in australia [img width=650 height=487] cutest cats ever omg [img width=650 height=866] I MADE CAKE POPS [img width=650 height=487] sunset :'( </3 [img width=650 height=487] butterfly cake [img width=650 height=487]
  9. Skinny Legend

    Tomb Raider Appreciation

    Did people get around to playing the game? I keep seeing it available for purchase but I'm not sure if I wanna buy it or not!
  10. Skinny Legend

    The Official 'Random Photos' Thread!

    Did you take these pictures? I can't tell if I want the guy or the dog more...
  11. Skinny Legend

    Say Something Nice Thread

    Really? I think it would just mean that instead of people posting 100 responses in the one thread every day, they'd post ten responses in ten threads every day.
  12. Skinny Legend


    I might be a month and a half late, but welcome to PHF officially! I've seen you posting around the place a little bit but I don't think we've ever really spoken properly. I'm looking forward to getting to know you more!
  13. Skinny Legend

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    After some absolute cunt deleted the last thread and everyone's pictures, I've decided to reopen a new version of the thread for you all to post your hawt selfies! P.S. If you don't post them yourself, I will stalk on you Facebook and post them for you! Here's me:
  14. Skinny Legend

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    Right? I was struggling to remember who even joined in 2018 that was relevant... Meanwhile @trayertrash remains everyone's vote for most wanted comeback!
  15. Skinny Legend

    Britney Bot: The cutest thing you'll see in a while!

    This is the smartest marketing technique and the best slice of nostalgia that I've seen in YEARS. The whole thing is designed absolutely perfectly and I'm 100% using that voicemail! This is just adorable!
  16. Skinny Legend

    Member of the Month

    It's up now, I hope it looks okay for you!
  17. Skinny Legend

    Member of the Month

    This has been requested a bunch but I've had a hard time finding the old newsletters to check them until I realised I upload them all online. So hope you guys enjoy this! 2015: October: @Cypher November: @mitch but idk what he changed his username too. December: @Kesha 2016: January: @High Princess February: @RadiantEdits March: @User - Huge mistake tbh. April: @trayertrash May: @jlnsgr June: @Tweener July: @Jump Rope August: @Baby V Alex September: @Posh October: @Third Eye November: @Woodcrest December: @Beautiful Mind 2017 January: @SpeedofGays February: @Paradise March: @Feral Heart April: @VEENX May: @Revival June: @lightyears July: @kallumlavigne August: @Capsule September: @Fetish October: @Kim Craig November: @hounderawr December: @jlnsgr 2018 January: @Ari February: @Joe March: @Ruthless Love April: @Ruthless Love May: @POPBOIY June: @Whoknowsmehere July: @Whoknowsmehere August: @nanapop99 September: @nanapop99 October: @mceyedol November: @trashmagic December: @trashmagic 2019 January: @Turn Ya Head
  18. Skinny Legend

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

  19. Skinny Legend

    Five Albums To Look Forward To In 2019

    As far as we know she still is! Someone on here was speculating she'll launch a pre-order with her second single which is coming soon, so let's keep our fingers crossed. Right after she releases Cheek 22 Cheek!
  20. Look at Gaga and her 600 000 searches! Queen of Porn! Miley isn't even on this list, @Tweener must be shaking.
  21. Skinny Legend

    PornHub Announces Most Searched Celebrities of 2018

    Holy shit... I can't believe I just Googled "Miley Cyrus peeing" and that things actually came up! I don't know whether I'm impressed or disgusted...
  22. Skinny Legend

    Merry Christmas!

    Yasss bitch, you better live that beauty guru life!
  23. Skinny Legend

    Merry Christmas!

    Hey #PHFamily! Just checking in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I love you all so much and I hope you have an amazing day today with all your loved ones and get all the presents you deserve. For my Christmas presents I got an Uber gift card so I can sneak out and suck dick at night like @SkullPop, some books so I can be as literate as @Cypher, and a gym membership so I can be sexy like @Tweener. What did y'all get for Christmas? And don't forget to listen to Mariah Carey's Christmas classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' at least fifty times before the day ends!
  24. Skinny Legend

    Member of the Month

    You are so sweet. I love the header you made, but it's not quite long enough. Do you mind if I rearrange the images so it will fit the whole page?

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