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  1. Dying for that one! And Sugar & Spice too. Hopefully later this year!
  2. @Cypher, was reading this article today and thought of you! Seemed like something you might be interested in
  3. A few hours later, Britney posted this on Instagram, using the hashtag #FreeBritney for the first time: I'm so proud of her and hoping that her new layer will lead to some significant changes! Stay strong Britney!
  4. It's crazy isn't it!? I see 10 year olds on Instagram who call people fat and claim to be bisexual asexual demisexual aliens and I'm just like I hope you're right! I think the fact that England is even making a law about cyber-attacks is actually pretty great to begin with so I'm sure anything she adds would be a cherry on top. Hopefully it makes some real difference!
  5. I think it would have been a great B-side too! Even better if they'd just release a ten-track album of their pre-Spice Touch demos. There's literally a whole album of their early unreleased R&B stuff out there...Maybe even two if you count all the B-sides like Take Me Home! I would diiiie to hear Go Go Go. Sounds like a classic Spicy bop! I watched that Live too and it sounded like Feed Your Love was the only song that was close to being finished, but we know for sure there's still some others like Likely Stories or even Sugar & Spice which must have just been in early demo stage
  6. So she's annoyed that they don't have a law saying that people can create a new account after it's deleted? Idk...Kids are getting on social media at like 10 now. If they made a stupid comment at that age I don't think it should be held against them for the rest of their life and they should never be allowed to have social media again. Maybe a twelve month suspension would do more good? Either way I think it should probably be left up to the social media companies so I don't really think it needs to be a law. Still, good on her for being so active in these bills!
  7. Feed Your Love is officially out after 25 years! I can totally see why they left it off the album...It would have taken the mood a little too far down imo. With that said, it's a beautiful song! Really good chilled out 90s vibes. I stayed up until midnight to hear it and I've been listening on repeat for the past few days! Hoping for some more spicy unreleased music later this year!
  8. I'm not sure about if she wanted to or not...But I could equally argue that she didn't want to make Blackout or Circus at some points 🤔 And yet they're still great albums!
  9. To me, Glory was a real return to form for her. I'd be sad if I'd never gotten to hear that album.
  10. I have to agree. Are we so old that early Kesha is now considered vintage or something?
  11. Comeback Tours - 1 = Goodbye Tours Cher Has Performed In
  12. We can only hope so! Fingers crossed she’ll do a Cher and be back within a few years
  13. And sold out again it looks like
  14. I'm sure she hasn't told the kids everything, although I wonder if they've read stuff online. How can he say this if he's read about her being sent to rehab against her will?
  15. I'd be really sad if she never makes music again, but at the end of the day I want her to be happy. Ideally, I would love if she took a few years break and came back with the kind of album that she's always wanted to make instead of what her label always made her make...I'd be interested to see what she came up with!
  16. After 13 years of a conservatorship which she has said has left her "abused" and "traumatized", things are suddenly moving very very quickly in Britney Spears' efforts to reclaim her own independence. Just a week after a well-publicised court day in which she addressed the conservatorship publicly for the first time, and four days after her co-conservator Bessamer Trust officially quit, Britney has now made it known that she has no plans to return to music anytime soon. While she has yet to discuss her plans publicly, Britney's longtime manager Larry Rudolph (who, incidentally, she a
  17. I'd be very here for a change of scenery! And I guess a female antagonist is a good step towards a female protagonist at some point. Sign me up!
  18. I'm with her on the policy side of things, but I don't think she brings enough drama for the execs at ABC to keep her around. As much as I hated Elisabeth the confrontations between her and Rosie were iconic
  19. I hope she does! It's clear that the current conservatorship system as it is is failing many people like her. There needs to be a total overhaul of the whole process imo
  20. I think you're 100% right. Again, people are putting their reputation above the needs of Britney. Really sad to see given that she wanted this trust to help her from the beginning in 2008
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