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  1. I'm so confused... Either way they all need to be cancelled! One Ariana is more than enough. We don't need a million different knock offs all trying to sing and look like her
  2. Wait, what? So that girl in the video wasn’t even singing herself, just lip syncing? I swear the more I learn about internet and Tik Tok culture in 2021 the more confused I get...That makes absolutely no sense to me.
  3. Selling My Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl on eBay if anyone is interested 👀 https://www.ebay.com/itm/174726514744 Never been opened and still in good condition!

  4. Hmm, I guess you might be right. But Idk...I honestly don't think Britney would have gone back into the studio to record anything post-Glory. She was so busy with the Vegas residency and touring and I doubt she was working on any new material given how messy her personal life was. I feel like most of those vocals were probably recorded during the Glory sessions even if the songs weren't necessarily finished then
  5. Let me know if you can find it! Would be interested to hear what she came up with! I hope you're right, but at the same time I'd like to think that she had no hand in choosing the tracks for Britney Jean Minus 'Work Bitch' and a couple of other album tracks that whole project was a mess imo I feel like there was a bunch of collabs around that time that never got released...Like Marc Anthony, Pitbull, J Balvin, BSB, and even a couple more that I'm sure were mentioned at some point. It kinda felt like they were trying to build her some hype through collabs at one point but then the
  6. I'm 100% sure you're right...There's so many of those Ariana clones on Tik Tok who think they're cool to look and sing exactly like her Actually, just did a quick Google search and I think it's this girl?
  7. I agree! We need to treat animals with the respect they deserve. But at the same time, I eat meat and dairy so I'm definitely part of the problem as well. After having this conversation though I think I'm going to make a conscious effort to eat much less when I can
  8. I hate seeing things like that. It's the reason I'm not watching that new Seaspiracy film that everyone's talking about...I'm sure it's important to know what's happening and take steps to fix things but my heart breaks when I see an animal in pain
  9. My bad, I just saw this! I remember hearing 'Pulse'! It's pretty good but something about it doesn't scream Britney to me. Wynter Gordon would have sounded amazing on it back in the day though. I haven't heard 'Repeat' though...is it good? Brit would probably sound great on 'Timebomb' too! Interesting that Britney went for the lyrics about "hypnotherapy"...Seems like she had something on her mind picking that one 👀
  10. Looking forward to the full album! But why is it ten months away king? Lana will have released twelve more albums, two short films and a poetry book by then!
  11. Was wondering if this would be a Brave Girls cover! The original is a bop!
  12. I'm sure RedOne produced an early demo of 'Gypsy' that went unreleased! So I wouldn't be surprised if he had more stuff out there too. As much as I'd like to hear this album, I sadly can't imagine it happening. Gaga is notoriously protective of her unreleased material and I can't imagine any of this surfacing outside of leaks maybe. At this point DJWS should just realize he's probably never going to work with her again and dump it all online.
  13. I miss your sexy profile picture :'( Why do we have this bland old beige one now king?

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    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Omg that was Mac Miller? :cackle: I had no idea! Make the next one of you so we can all admire your beauty! <3 

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      LOL you thought that was me?! You’re so silly hmu on ig, g

    4. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Idk why :cackle: I've seen you before and y'all don't look that similar. I'll remember for next time <3 

  14. I'm really just hoping for the best here...But maybe this health scare is reminding the girls how important they were to each other at one point, and that when Sarah gets better they'll all make another album together and tour again. That would be the best possible outcome so let's try and make it happen!
  15. I always get the impression most of them come from technicians (like the people who worked on the filming or the lighting or whatever) who collect them as keepsakes. But I also know a Spice Girls tour leaked because some of the dancers had the screen recordings as part of their resumé, so maybe they send them around to everyone who worked on the show?
  16. Seriously? So Sarah's book is probably going to be the last GA reunion we ever get? Wow...
  17. I love hearing stories of her coming up with concepts for music videos. I always wonder what she could have accomplished if she’s had total creative control on everything.
  18. Let me know if it’s worth reading! It may sound callous but I kinda only wanna read if there’s any GA tea in there.
  19. Omfg! The weird thing is her career seems to be doing just as fine as it always was. Rita remains uncancellable and we love to see it!
  20. That's my problem with 5H too...There never seemed to be a genuine friendship there at all. GA had a similar issue to a certain extent, but at least there was the two camps of Cheryl, Kim and Nicola and Sarah and Nadine who seemed to have some kind of bond at least. Always gotta stay hopeful! I'm praying for a 'I'll Stand By You' Instagram moment with all the girls singing their old parts!
  21. I tried to find it but the last one I see is about ‘Overprotected’! Can you give us a breakdown?
  22. I wonder if it’s true? I can’t imagine they would be able to get his number let alone go to the trouble of texting it for such a minor thing... 🤔🤔🤔
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