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  1. I think we knew about this already. Wasn't she shown working with Darkchild behind the scenes on the X Factor? Interesting that there might be an album's worth of material out there though. Maybe we'll hear it now her label is throwing around unreleased tracks like they're nothing!
  2. I heard something about that! I think maybe it was in the Zane Lowe interview? But I think she said something about finding her own versions but maybe not finding the original vocal files and apparently some of them are very demo-y or something? Idk, I remember her saying there was some more files she was looking for...
  3. Mariah Carey made headlines last year with the reveal of Chick, an alt-rock group she created at the peak of her fame in 1995 which went undiscovered for years. Now, she's made headlines again with the reveal that the band may return - with an unlikely frontwoman. Mariah initially created Chick during the sessions for the Daydream album in 1995, inspired by the likes of female rock singer-songwriters such as Blondie and Pat Benatar. At the time, the harder, grungier sessions made a welcome respite from the highly controlled, perfect image that Mariah had cultivated during her R&B work
  4. I can't imagine Gwen giving 'Used To Love You' away tbh. But hearing Selena on 'Good Old Days' would be gorgeous!
  5. Congratulations on the Spotify ad boo, that's really huge! I love your music, will definitely be catching up on what I've missed over the next few days. Thank you for remembering us little people!
  6. Your new avatar... Waking up the volcano will purrificate the world!
  7. I forgot about her uploading the same one twice... But I bet you’re right! Thirteen would be a good amount of tracks for an album. Come to think of it, I remember she filmed at least some behind the scenes footage for the songs which came out in a little documentary she released years ago...It would have been more interesting for them to incorporate each songs BTS in the lyrics videos showing her writing the songs inspired by the episodes. But oh well! Looking forward to the album either way!
  8. I didn't know she recorded a version of 'This Is Real'. Sounds interesting!
  9. Fun episode! Is this new song the eighth one we have now? I wonder how many more episodes she has of this planned? With just four more episodes we could have an album's worth of material...
  10. Welcome to PHF! Hope you enjoy it here!
  11. The lighting definitely doesn't do her any favours...But the song is still a bop!
  12. Right? They got a little too heavy for my taste in the later albums but the first one was great. I can't believe she was only like 15/16 when writing those songs.
  13. To be fair this was pretty much the only song I enjoyed on the entire album. This and 'Somewhere Only We Know' but I think that was just a bonus track?
  14. I love her, but it's hard to keep defending how messy this series has gotten...
  15. You got an answer and didn't respond...
  16. These are awesome choices! I need to get back into The Pretty Reckless, I loved their first album back in the day. And as much as I hate Halsey I have to say some of her last album was really good.
  17. Mariah is too above that now! I would rather her and Jennifer just release a duet together and squash the beef once and for all. Come to think of it, a J. Lo/Mariah Half-Time Show would have been a lot of fun!
  18. Isn’t it great! The final has a lot more variation and build up to the drop but this one is just high energy fun all the way through. It’s great!
  19. Nice choices! <3 I was impressed with ‘Shes My Religion’ too. I hadn’t heard of them before but it was good!
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