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    Girls Aloud's Top Five Best Songs

    Sad news this Throwback Thursday - Girls Aloud are reportedly splitting up after ten years at the top! Rumours have been spreading about the group's status ever since the announcement of their greatest hits album Ten, but the group seems to have made it official through a post on their Twitter account today:


    Dear Alouders, we just want to say from the bottom of our hearts Thank you!! This tour has been an amazing experience and the perfect chance to say thank you for being on this journey with us through a decade. It has far exceeded any of our dreams and we hope we are forever your inspiration and reminder that dreams really do glitter!! Your love and support will stay with us forever but we have now come to the end of our incredible time together. Love you lots.

    It's unsure if the Girls are truly done for good, however. Several of the girls already declined the reports after Cheryl stated in her book that their time together was through. And, with an upcoming single release for 'On the Metro' planned, it does seem possible that the message was simply referring to the end of the tour.

    Either way, one thing's for sure: Gods Aloud has a lot of hits! We've complied a list of their top five songs for old time's sake.

    5. 'On the Metro'

    The Girls' next single (and possibly their last) also happens to be one of their best. With lyrics from the incredible Nicola Roberts and production courtesy of DJ Fresh and The Invisible Men, 'On the Metro' is by far the most danceable song in the group's catalogue, and is a perfect reintroduction of the group to a brand new pop listener. The only thing that confuses us about this song is why it was skipped over as a second single in exchange for the rather bland 'Beautiful Cause You Love Me'.

    4. 'Sound of the Underground'

    The Girls' first ever single following their successful entry in Popstars: The Rivals, 'Sound of the Underground' remains one of their best songs. While it may not be as current as it once was, the drums are strangely reminiscent of drum and bass, and the chorus is as catchy as ever.

    3. 'Something New'

    Released last year, 'Something New' doubled as the group's official comeback single as well as the official single for Children in Need 2012. Backed by synth-laden production, some intense rapping from the girls and a rather catchy hook, the song made a perfect comeback single despite it's somewhat disappointing standing on the charts. Flawless!

    2. 'Sexy! No No No...'

    Think back to 2007. The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits had just been released, and amidst rumours of a potential break-up, a new single was announced. 'Sexy' was the group's triumphant comeback, an electro-pop song actually composed of three different songs that the girl's had recorded separately. Accompanied by one of the best tour opening's in history, 'Sexy' sounds just as interesting and forward-thinking today as it did six years ago. And let's not get started on Nadine's vocals!

    1. 'Love Machine'

    And here we are! Undoubtedly the girl's strangest song, 'Love Machine' also happens to be one of the catchiest. With lines like "let's go, eskimo" and "we're gift wrapped kitty cat's", how can you not like this song? Produced by Xenomania, the song has become a standard for the group and continues to be flawless almost ten years later. Besides, it was once voted the second "most exhilarating" song ever. How cool is that!

    And there you have it! As sad as it is that the group might be coming to an end, fan's can rest assured that the songs they've loved in the past will remain just as brilliant and groundbreaking ten years on. How do you feel about the break-up? Did we get it right with our top five list? Let us know below!

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