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  1. Great. Im missing some remixes in my collection.
  2. If they're in fans' hands, its safe to say they'll leak eventually. Key word being eventually.
  3. Along with Damage, I Gotta Know, and Just Another Girl.
  4. Hopefully eventually more material will surface from my girls. Kelly Clarkson, Hilary, Avril, and Aly & AJ.
  5. Well, Hilary also said that too.
  6. figured. Love is a Battlefield. Also the Material Girls trailer version of Happy was supposed to be on their too.
  7. I would love a studio version of that. Rumor has it that this version was gonna be on Dignity2.
  8. I still want her Disney Mobile songs to leak. They've gotta be out there. Didn't they come with the phone?
  9. I'd still like to hear Hilary's take on it tho.
  10. It's from the This Heart sessions. Hope it leaks.
  11. I still dont know why they did that. Hilary even sang the movie version in concert.
  12. Btw, the happy filter sounds fan made. Little Voice sounds like someone just chopped the talking out. Come Clean sounds like her real voice without autotuned (in other words, raw vocal there).
  13. Would be nice if it were true. Would love more This Heart outtakes. Theres still a couple left that people have.
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