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    Taylor Swift's 'Sexual Assault' Photo Leaks


    Taylor Swift's ass cheeks are at the centre of a recent lawsuit, but her claims are quickly becoming the butt of every joke.

    The lawsuit was initiated in November of last year, when former Denver radio show host David Mueller claimed that he was falsely terminated from his job after Swift's security claimed that he had grabbed Taylor's cheeks at a backstage meet and greet. According to Mueller, he attended a show that was a part of Swift's Red Tour in Denver back in 2013, and, as a radio DJ, was invited backstage. Mueller said that he and his girlfriend took a photo with Swift without issue before leaving to enjoy the show.

    Mueller claims that he ran into a coworker during the show who bragged to him about putting his arms around Taylor and grabbing her ass during a photo op with her. Later, he says that he was approached by one of Swift's security guards who accused him of sexually assaulting Taylor and kicked him out of the arena. Mueller says that he was fired a few days later from his country music radio station because of the incident.

    The case resurfaced last month when a judge passed a motion from Swift's lawyers requesting that the photo of the alleged assault be kept from the public eye until the case goes to trial. Taylor's lawyers claimed that the photo was inappropriate for public consumption because it would encourage "scandalous" behaviour and "prurient" thoughts (the definition of which is: "having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters, especially the sexual activity of others"). The judge agreed that given Swift's status as a public figure, "the widespread dissemination of this image might significantly complicate jury selection".

    Unluckily for Swift's team, the wily folks at TMZ have managed to get their hands on the photo and have posted it online for all to see.

    On the one hand, judging by the big smiles on everyone's faces in the photo and the fact that his girlfriend was less than a metre away from him, it doesn't seem likely that there was any particular groping going on. Given how tall Mueller is, it's not impossible that he simply misjudged and went in for an accidental ass pat - and he wouldn't be the first to do it.

    On the other hand, it's a strange story for Swift to make up and go after with such force - lawyers aren't cheap, and we can't imagine her putting down so much money for a claim she knew was unfounded.

    What do you think of the "scandalous" photo? Does it prove anything for either party, or is the case still completely ambiguous? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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    He touched her ass, it doesn't matter if they are smiling it was inappropriate and he left it there for the entire photo. I'm tall and I misjudge everyone's height but if I accidentally do that I say "sorry" and move my hand, I don't leave it there.

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    8 hours ago, trayertrash said:

    Even when there's photo evidence of an assault men will still question whether it's real or not

    Idk what your definition of evidence is, but there's nothing here that would hold up in court...For all we know his hand is hovering in mid-air or she's the one groping his ass given how low down her hand is. :shocked: 

    7 hours ago, Baby V Alex said:

    He touched her ass, it doesn't matter if they are smiling it was inappropriate and he left it there for the entire photo. I'm tall and I misjudge everyone's height but if I accidentally do that I say "sorry" and move my hand, I don't leave it there.

    That kind of photo would take like half a second to shoot tho? For all we know he accidentally touched it and then moved it away when he realized...

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    3 hours ago, trayertrash said:

    Point proven


    Could you actually stop? If this was literally any situation other than sexual abuse you know you would have a completely different viewpoint. If Taylor Swift was accused of killing someone and the only evidence was a blurry picture of her strangling them while everyone in the photo laughed you would say how disgusting it is that a woman is being persecuted for being funny.


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    im so late on this but was browsing the searches, its important to question EVERY sexual assault case no matter the situation. 

    A sexual assault claim can completely ruin someones life, and that is not to be played around with!

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