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    part 2 dua lipa cover art if it ain't me / break my heart
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    Selena Gomez Stained
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    Ava Max - Catching Fire (2019; unreleased, fanmade title and track listing). Physical concept, frontal and back covers. I decided to make this because Ava announced every song she has released so far, except for "Sweet But Psycho", has been scrapped from her upcoming debut album, set to feature the aforementioned song plus 13 brand new tracks. So this is what I've been listening to as her first album, as she has released a handful of singles already. EDIT: I enhanced some parts of the back cover, it looks better now
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    @blonde-rebellion & @focusdeluxe Here is what I have. Sorry I know I said I had Daydream, but upon further review of my Bella Thorne folder I am sorry to say, that I was mistaken. However, here is what I do have. I threw in this remix for you all. Bella Thorne - 05. Call It Whatever (Razor N Guido Remix) Total size of file: 196MB https://www104.zippyshare.com/v/rVmf0R7L/file.html Sorry. But when the link dies, I will not be re-uploaded them. So get the file while you can. P.S. I have not started to hunt for the remaining songs. I have not had the time yet. But when I do start looking for them. I can absolutely, without a doubt, guarantee you, one of two things. A. I find them. or B. I don't find them.
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    yes haha sorry i meant that. looking for the others would be amazing as well tho.
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    omg I would love if you can upload the ones you have, thank you so much!!
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    hello, where can i download the album?
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    Does anyone have? Madison Beer - Bad News or Selena Gomez - Bad News Thank you
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    Kerli - Weapons of Mass Creation (2012, scrapped). Reworked lighting and better quality than the one I posted months ago.
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    i have 2 unleaked songs Unreachable Shine A Little Light for trade or sell
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    Dua Lipa - Break My Heart Cover Art Dua Lipa - If It Ain't Me (feat. Normani) Cover Art
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    Witness: Ctrl + Alt + delete

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