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    TYSM!!! Some users even thought she was made up.
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    Katy Perry - Smile (2020). The actual cover is a mess, so...
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    I suspect this is just an outtake from the Treat Myself sessions BUT i am hoping it's from a new project...even just a deluxe version of Treat Myself/a new EP would be great
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    Haha, Yes! My 15 year old self posting SPAM Lolene threads on SIN was hilarious. I can’t tell you how many good laughs I had trolling, haha. once I’m back home in LA tomorrow I will upload everything I have, and get it up this week.
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    Just remembered I had this...pretty rare. Kara's "Mad DoLL" album, released in 1999. Files aren't the greatest quality but better than nothing! https://mega.nz/folder/cAIzDQKZ#OBqgriUZhwpxGW_PaVyCGg
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    I have another friend who's mentioned it so hopefully she sees the demand! Lmao I've been trying to get my hands on it via trades FOR YEARSSSSSS but literally no one has it or if they do they aren't willing to give it up.
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    Thank you so much! I remember lurking on SIN like it was yesterday, and people going head over hills for Lolene and Sky Ferreira - lol it was so much fun, i'm still bitter they changed everything, i don't even know if it is functioning as a music forum anymore...
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    Can't wait!!! Even mix of old & new stuff sounds fine by me, i'd take anything as long as something's happening there
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    New songs leaked Hey https://wi.to/88802c983ab06b33 Like I Do https://wi.to/9f201863a05e8889 Cabaret https://wi.to/fa65bb64faec48bc Mr. Johnny https://wi.to/6eb2d860db041f14
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    Underground Sunshine : Free (Version 1 *) (Version 2 *) Free (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) * Hummingbird * Now I'm That Bitch (feat. Pitbull) * Now I'm That Bitch (Solo) * Now I'm That Bitch (Part II) * Now Im That Bitch (Jason Nevins Rhythmic Radio Mix) * She Loves Love * This Is A Raid * Underground Sunshine * Demos for other artists : Do Something (Demo for Luminites) * Happy Days (Demo for Brooke Candy) * Highway (That Way) (Demo for Shakira) * Kiss On (Demo for Kelly Clarkson) * Rain On Me (Demo for Cheryl Cole) * Red Hot Kinda Love (Demo for Christina Aguilera) * Save The Day (Demo for Selena Gomez) * Trouble For Me (Demo for Britney Spears) * The War Is Over (Demo for Kelly Clarkson) * Two Pieces (Demo for Demi Lovato) * Walking On Snow (Demo for Jordin Sparks) * Warning Shot (Demo for Machine Gun Kelly) * Unreleased : After Tomorrow * Back to Back * Ballerina * Bliss * Body High * Cabaret * Camouflage * Cat Got Your Tongue * Cold * Dollar * Domino * Eat You Up * Feelin' Me * Gasoline * Go Low * Hangover (feat. Sean Erick) * Hey * How Deep Is Your Love * How U Do It to Me * I Own You * I Understand * I'm Falling * I'm Not Coming Down (Gravity) * I'm Not Coming Down (Gravity)(Demo) * I'm Your Puppet * Ice Cream * Insatiable * Killer * Knock Yourself Out * Know My Name * Let Go * Like I Do * Livvin' My Life * Lovey Dovey * Luv U Till The Weekend * Missing You * Mr. Johnny * No * Nobody Loves Me * Not an Innocent Girl * Nowhere * Oblivious * One Of Those Nights * Overdose * Parachute * Prison Break (feat. Heather Bright) * Sahara * Secrets * Shiver * Stay * Street Light * Sub Zero * Summer Love * Sweet satisfaction * That's Not Love * Timebomb * Trick Or Treat * U Turn * Untouchable * Woyoyo * Snippets : 2x2 * Compass * Go Up From Here * Hotshot * No Barricades * Nothing * Real Deal Lovin' * This Is For Love * Overdose (Demo for Ciara) * Something Right * The Way U Make Me Feel * Want It Now * You Got It * Rare music video : Eat You Up [Acoustic] * Feelin' Me [Acoustic] * Fake songs : All Around The World * (Real singer Francesca Richard) Be Mine * (Real singer Nikki Flores) Like Me * Prisoner * (Real singer Che'Nelle) Scream * Other apparences : Automatik * I Could Do This Every Night (Youtube) * Live at Vitello's (Video) * Warning Shot (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) * Next Generation * Overboard (feat. Marie Digby) * In The Dark (feat. Wilkinson) * Through The Blinds (feat. Simon Pipe) *
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    There’s only two left I believe, look at us and criminals, I have one of them but yeah I think there’s only two left to be leaked haha
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    It's out: https://dbree.org/v/7587fc
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    Haha yeah I knew she was a judge but I honestly thought that they stopped it for a moment because of corona going on and everything tbh haha. It’s just a lot of people have told me they felt like after she released Treat Myself and NTMY mv that she’s been kinda inactive, everything's so weird rn though because if corona never happened, then she would’ve already been on tour, it’s all been complicated but anywho, that’s why I included that in my post 💜 I try to keep up with what she’s doing. Just like she has wrote a song for the TV show Central Park called “I’m in a perfect relationship”. It’s already available for streaming but meghans not singing on it, it’s the people from the show.
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    She's a judge on the Voice UK. That could be why we have not seen nor heard much from our Queen lately. I don't really follow the show as I am not in the UK, so I have no idea if the show has completed it's 2020 run as of yet? https://talentrecap.com/meghan-trainor-will-coach-on-the-voice-uk-2020-who-did-she-replace/
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    The cover is giving me TM vibes! I actually really loved TM and a lot of the outtakes during that era. I would be here if she wanted to revisit some of the other material we haven't heard yet. SIDE B???
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    I'm ready for anything by her at this point. Old songs, new songs, more lies, anything.
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    I'm not sure the story behind it.. I think it was a duo project she was working on in the late 90s. I think it was released independently... at least it shows up on Discogs like that https://www.discogs.com/Mad-Doll-Mad-Doll/release/14035163 I got it from (maybe) Limewire sometime in the mid-2000s
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    1. Bebe Rexha – Nothing At All 2. Camila Cabello – God Is a Woman 3. Rita Ora – Elevator 4. Rita Ora – Is It Love 5. Rita Ora – Backup Plan 6. Fergie – Clones 7. Iggy Azalea – Diablo 8. Camila Cabello – The Boy 9. Camila Cabello – Curious 10. Fifth Harmony – Better With You 11. Dua Lipa – Roses & Fire 12. J. Lo – Letting You Go 13. J. Lo – Violin 14. Julia Micheals – I’m Right Here1 15. Katy Perry - Save Me Some Tonight Need these to leak this year
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    I didn't do anything, but I'm glad it's shut down He Keept on stealing music and artwork off both phf and leakthis, and it was a nightmare to visit for any visitor venturing in, so I'm super glad somebody finally shut it down
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    If anyone has Bonnie’s songs she did with Epic. Pls share them. I just really need to hear these tracks by now ❤️
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    I've missed those Lolene threads on SIN. They should've kept the site as it was. Can you upload your unreleased collection? I'm missing many songs which I can't find anywhere online, please.
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    Does anyone have the full version of 'Black Water'? Though it's still the original demo of Glassheart I'm after (Yeah I can't let it go even after all these years 😪)
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    Look at the first page (my main post), i added lot of new unreleased and demos.
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    Hold me with that big arm daddy! Girl, same... Time to get on that Finasteride! I think if you start early you can completely stop it from thinning at all!
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    Thank you so much ! Here is the full "Mouth" song : https://wi.to/cfd27438dd2c9eaa
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    Made these ones for the Cruel Youth EP. @PERFECTIONIST Tagged: DOWNLOAD Untagged: DOWNLOAD
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    Thank you! I'm glad you liked them actually I'm using the second one for my version in iTunes and it looks really great!
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    The only bitches i stan Veronicas: Hook Me Up > Life On Mars > The Secret Life Of... > Self-Titled (the fucking tragedy when your scrapped album could've been your best 😅💀🤡) (AND it getting scrapped made your next release suffer too) (AND then you get stuck in singles limbo)
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    love the simplicity of this!

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