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    Hello i'm fairly new here and in light of coverlandia being down for quite some time now I've decided to start posting my stuff on here, to actually start using this site lmao anygays here's just some of my most recent stuff
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    Aly & AJ Star Maps
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    CIARA | Beauty Marks (album)
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    Ashley Tisdale Symptoms full packaging mockup https://www.behance.net/gallery/79929167/Ashley-Tisdale-Symptoms-Mockup
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    hey bitches. 1 of 3 times I’ve looked even close to trade. 😂 the Britney shrine proves the theory wrong.
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    Cheryl - Let Me Not sure on this one.
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    Kim Petras Broken I hope ya'll are ready to Buy/Stream Broken i sure am with this new cover
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    Here are some XCX unreleased for you. Charli XCX - Ultimate Unreleased Collection 3 ALBUMS WITH INDIVIDUAL COVERS + PROJECT COVER LIVE & UNRELEASED [Only Unreleased Live's] - 24 Tracks UNRELEASED COLLECTION [Only Studio Leaks] - 152 Tracks SNIPPET COLLECTION [Only Snippets] - 108 Tracks Total - 284 Tracks https://yadi.sk/d/ajUtdndk3Zx3gq
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    BLACKPINK -KILL THIS LOVE Blackpink in your area!
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    I've been working on this for a while and had the backing pretty much done and i was happy with it but not the cover. I opened it up the cover and figured out how to make it work! POPPY - AM I A GIRL?
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    Since everyone shared a picture of themselves let me share one of mine 😅
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    So i've been meaning to make something for the Roll With me/Burn Rubber mix someone had made and here was the end result! Charli XCX - Exchange Studio Versions
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    In honor of Vroom Vroom's recent 3rd birthday i decided to make another cover for the amazing ep. (also i'm so happy at how my transparent sticker came out!! the sticker on my 7 rings cover is shaking!!) CHARLI XCX - VROOM VROOM - EP
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    Me recently after bopping to Pansy Boys
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    Ariana Grande - 7 Rings Honestly needed something to cover the mess that is the actual cover
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    Aly & Aj - Ten Years (Deluxe)
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    Kim Petras - Can't Do Better
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    i LOVED B*Witched. i have both of their albums. but everyone was saying how they were the next Spice Girls. they actually had a single out like a year ago. i'm not sure what happened with it though.
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    Ashley Tisdale Symptoms
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    Finally a new member who doesn't act like a total psychopath! I'm happy to have you here, you seem to have a really cool and varied taste in music and I'm always glad to have more Hilary fans around. Hope you enjoy the forum boo!
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    Hey Someone has to be the friendly user. And I know how it feels

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