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    Yes, I just wanted rihanna's version to leak someday
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    Added 4 news songs to the list that are recorded for the new album: Moved On, Her, Two Broken Hearts and These Tears Are Mine. All of them are written by Tobias Jesso (Adele, ...) and Leona. I have heard Two Broken Hearts but it's nothing special.
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    Yes please thank you so much so you have his version of white christmas too?
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    She leaked her own unreleased tracklist in her book? She hates her fans!
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    Apparently folks are not quite ready for Christmas music, as seen by the lack of responses to the last few posts. But what the Heck, it is the Season of sharing. So, for the uninterested, and interested alike, here is another installment to the Christmas music topic. I had never heard of this individual until a few days ago while I was surfing around over at reddit. From what I gather, she is/was a Broadway performer? Some of you may have heard of her, so I decided to share this Christmas album with the PHF family. Linda Eder - Christmas Where You Are [2013] 113MB https://mega.nz/#!Y75BRYoZ!_rRE5OOCZ9mqdxf4T-ki52jkU6ywmULynZ_POIIl9L4 P.S. And, since it is the Christmas Season, I also found a link to a 16 album Discography of hers. If anyone would like to have that link as well, let me know. I have not d/l all of them, and I probably won't. But from what I have heard, she is not too bad. But be quick, as I have no idea how long the link will last. And I will not be uploading any of the albums myself.
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    The question is, who would want to sign her?
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    1. Just Feel It 2. Only If For A Night 3. ? 4. Petty Nonsense 5. Pose 6. Only One (Who Knows) 7. James Joint 8. Kiss It Better 9. Love On The Brain 10. Higher 11. Yeah, I Said It 12. Close To You 13. Joyride 14. Body Soul Mind? 15. Let Me In 16. One Way Ticket 17. Sledgehammer 18. Lock & Key 19. Brand New
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    Lindsay Lohan Xanax
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    Only two more days until Christmas. So it's not too late to add some music. Merry Christmas to you all. As well as to your Families and Loved Ones. Taylor Swift - Christmases When You Were Mine (Demo) 5.8MB https://www57.zippyshare.com/v/4lutPJki/file.html http://itssodamnfunny.tumblr.com/
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    Long shot but does anybody have the original file for this? Apparently this was sent out to the fanclub as an official audio around the time of Pretty.Odd.: If not, I'll just have to deal with a youtube rip.
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    Were they really trynna pass this off as live?
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    Don’t forget to buy and stream the best Christmas song of all time:
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    Are you still looking for this?
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    Mariah would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Yes. Even @jlnsgr
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    Does anyone have this song in its original file? It says in the description that you can download for free but the link doesn't work anymore. Also looking for Bonnie McKee's Have Yourself a Merry Fucking Christmas in the best quality
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    This is still the only Christmas album that needs to be heard:
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    YASSSS! I have always wondered why they have never done that for a official release TBH. Mainly because different studios own different songs and for some fucking reason no one will just release a massive box set with everything she's ever done.
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    The only Christmas song you'll ever need
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    https://mega.nz/#!5g1gSa6C!VBkcyBenIKEYTmXoLINkPVpOApQujkErvEm5_C9b5Ac not that, no.
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    still need it? i havent seen anyone link you to it. i have the original file. i was gonna ask you if you have the John Lennon version (the original) but idk if i have it or not. EDIT: i do have it. in iTunes purchased quality. wait.. demo??
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    I have the unfinished mix of Bleeding Love and the demo of Better in Time, both in flac. DM if interested.
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