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  1. 2020 may just be the worst year in living memory, but if there's one consolation in all of the chaos it is, as always, music. Although true concerts have been sorely missed in the madness of this year and many projects have faced significant delays while wide-scale lockdowns sweep the globe, that hasn't stopped certain artists from creating and releasing some masterpieces. Whether they're reflecting the mood of dread, isolation and fear prevalent in society or providing us an escape from the horrors of 2020, these ten songs have been the soundtrack of our year on PHF - and what a year it's bee
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  2. Mariah Carey made headlines last year with the reveal of Chick, an alt-rock group she created at the peak of her fame in 1995 which went undiscovered for years. Now, she's made headlines again with the reveal that the band may return - with an unlikely frontwoman. Mariah initially created Chick during the sessions for the Daydream album in 1995, inspired by the likes of female rock singer-songwriters such as Blondie and Pat Benatar. At the time, the harder, grungier sessions made a welcome respite from the highly controlled, perfect image that Mariah had cultivated during her R&B work
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  3. The Spice Girls' Forever turns twenty years old this month, and two decades after its release there appears to be more nostalgia and appreciation of the albums musical content than ever before. Released in November 2000 after a short break from their whirlwind of success, Forever marked the first (and last, and only) album recorded by the girls as a four-piece following the surprise departure of Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell. With one member down, the four remaining members worked harder than ever to craft an album that would keep them in the spotlight and maintain relevancy with their now matur
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