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Edward Sidler - Last Days of Freedom (Debut album) [May 21, 2021] DELUXE DEC '21

Ice Prince

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So... there's a deluxe version of this album coming next month, and I just dropped a single from it!

Besides the four new songs, most of the tracks from the standard edition were remastered and two were re-recorded, so I hope this time is worth it ;) 

Here you can find the new track, "Arrows In the Dark".


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  • Ice Prince changed the title to Edward Sidler - Last Days of Freedom (Debut album) [May 21, 2021] DELUXE DEC '21

Okay guys so the deluxe, final, definitive, complete, remastered, bestest, etc version of this album finally dropped, and I'm so happy to share it with y'all! I think this one is really worth a listen or two, the masters are way clearer, two songs were completely re-recorded (Gone and Mind Games, so they sound less boring lol) and it has four new bonus tracks! Check it below and let me know what you think :wink: 



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In celebration of the release of the Missing Pages Edition, I decided to drop this cover of Melanie Martinez's unreleased song "Night Mime", which I always enjoyed and I really liked how it came out, I'd say my vocals sound even better than in my own songs :cackle: I did this one last summer when I was bored, and I think it was worth it 😛 find it below:


And if you want to support me, or just want the song in HQ for free, here you can find it!


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11 hours ago, Skinny Legend said:

Been checking out the deluxe edition and it's really good! If you see a bunch of streams from Australia you'll know who it is :cackle: I still think your production is really professional sounding and I can't wait to hear it get better and better on the next album <3 

THANK YOU SO MUCH LEGEND! It means a lot coming from you <3 been taking small steps forward into album 3 and it really sounds amazing, hopefully more people will get to like my music with that one :maybe: 

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